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VMware for Mobile Devices

I am one of those weird techies that just likes a phone that works. It seems like the more I do to my phone, the less it works. Therefore, I don’t do much to my phone at all any more. I guess VMware is trying to change that. You see, if I had a bunch of Virtual Machines on my phone then I would have infinitely more games to waste time playing while waiting in line at the bank (OK, so who goes to the bank any more – whatever), I would be able to test code and sites from multiple OS’s and I would be able to hack around with Android while still being able to do an ActiveSync. VMware is jumping right into that VM for mobile device space and I have to say, the app looks and feels pretty nice. Windows Mobile and Android on the same device. VMware is clearly continuing to push the envelope. Now if I could just get Fusion for iPhone I’d be in tip-top shape…


A Saturated Cloud Backup Market

It’s not that it all started with Amazon, but they were certainly the ones to mainstream cloud-based storage.  Now, there are a variety of services such as Mozy (with CrashPlan) and BackBlaze from some of the smaller, niche  players (both of them support the Mac) to Apple (can you say Mobile Me), Microsoft, Amazon (who now supports Windows Server and SQL Server), Google, Symantec, EMC and others for some of the more major players. According to James Staten of Forrester research, the cloud computing bubble will burst in 2010, if not before.  At that point, we’re likely to start seeing far more feature rich applications start getting released and one would hope even the introduction of integration between backup software and various cloud offerings.

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The Seven Wonders of the Internet World

The Google Search Engine is probably the top wonder in the Internet world.  Why, because it’s just so friggin’ huge!  But, also because it involves Google Maps, is integrated with gMail and well, is just a better engine than the other’s.  

Wikipedia – and don’t forget specialty wiki’s like http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page or even (as depressing as it may be) the wikia 90210 page.

Social Networks – Facebook, MySpace, Classmates.com and LinkedIn – oh and digg and delicious too…  Social networks are today’s iteration of what we thought virtual reality would be.  They get better every year, with the exception of New Facebook, which isn’t actually as cool IMO as old Facebook.

Free email – Be it Hotmail (which to me is the original), Gmail or Yahoo mail

E-commerce – Amazon.com, Buy.com, eBay, online banking and one of the best ever (because it’s free), CraigsList.

Peer-to-Peer networks – Torrents, Tor (OK it’s a stretch to call it P2P), etc.  I mean, really…

Wait – that was only 6…  Well, let me know what you think should be number 7.  😉

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Google: The New SourceForge


Mac OS X

Automator Video

Ubuntu Unix

Advanced Python Video on Google

Mac OS X

Zero Config with Bonjour Video from Google

Final Cut Server personal

Google Video on VCode and VData

Using VCode and VData to annotate video:

Network Infrastructure

Google Talks Video on the Design of Massively Parallel Systems

Network Infrastructure

Google Video from Faculty Summit on Computing at Scale