Mounting a Volume for Xsan 1.x

To mount a volume:

  1. Open xSAN Admin from /Applications/Server.
  2. Under the SAN Components list click on the Volume you would like to mount.
  3. Click on the Clients tab for the volume.
  4. Click on the client you would like to mount the volume for (see Figure 2.x).
  5. Click on the Mount Read Only if the client system does not need to write to the volume. If the client system does need to write to the volume, click on the Mount Read Write button.

Figure 2.x Mounting the Volume on a client

  1. Once you have mounted the volume, click on it using the Finder.
  2. Click on the Finder menu of the system and select Get Info.
  3. Make sure that the volume size and attribute look as they should.

Figure 2.x Get Info on Mounted Volume

Once you have the volume mounted for your Xsan client systems then you are done installing the Xsan itself. However, as you will learn in the next chapter, administering the Xsan is far more involved than just the volume.