Holy Cow, Batman, My Xsan Volume Is Invisible!

No one could see the Xsan volume. Logged into Xsan Admin, the volume was unmounted for everyone. Mounted the volume and Xsan Admin said it mounted for everyone. No errors in the logs. In a nice place mentally, I stepped away from my desk. The phone rings, no one has access to the volume. Crap, what now? Log in, shows mounted. Log into a client, well, isn’t there. The other volumes are on the desktop. Go to /Volumes and it doesn’t appear there. Go to /Volumes/VOLUMENAME and viola, it’s there. But in the sidebar it’s hidden?!?!?! There aren’t any options in the volume.cfg file in /Library/Preferences/Xsan that deal with this issue… Turns out that just like any other file, you can actually set an Xsan volume to invisible. I hadn’t ever tried so didn’t realize it was actually possible. To fix, run: SetFile -a v /Volumes/VOLUMENAME Doing an xattr doesn’t actually nuke this issue. xattr -d com.apple.FinderInfo /Volumes/VOLUMENAME For giggles, I hid again and it hid for all clients: chflags hidden /Volumes/VOLUMENAME And unhide unhides for all clients: chflags nohidden /Volumes/VOLUMENAME The reason I mention that is that SetFile might not be on your MDCs whereas chflags definitely will be. Good luck!