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Windows Updates can be run using a standard batch script. Do so using the wusa.exe is the command that runs updates that you specify. These updates are run using the wusa command, nested inside the Windows directory (%WINDIR%\SysNative to be exact). To run, specify the path to the package you’d like to install. In this case, I’ve mapped a drive to my updates, and placed each in a directory named after the update ID. To run, just run with the path to the .msu file: wusa.exe U:\2862152\Windows8.0-KB2862152-x86.msu To then uninstall the package (if you dare), use the /uninstall option. In this command, you don’t need to provide the path, only the kb number, along with the /kb option: wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2862152 /quiet /norestart The package then completes. If needed, you will have to reboot the system. You can also indicate /warnrestart which prompts to restart or /forcerestart that automatically restarts the system without any warnings. Packages can also be installed before a computer boots in 7 and 8 using the DISM.exe command with the /Add-Package option along with the Windows Automated Installation Kit.

November 29th, 2013

Posted In: Windows Server, Windows XP

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