Tiny Deathstars of Foulness

Pretty much every operating system has a hosts file. In that file, you can define a hostname and then set a target IP. In Windows, that file is called hosts.txt and located in %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\. By default, that %systemroot% is going to be C:\Windows. This makes the path to the file C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.txt. By default, you’ll see the following: localhost loopback ::1 localhost When you edit the file, add a new line with the IP address then a tab then the hostname that you’d like to be able to ping to get the address in question. For example, to add to point to, you’d add some lines to make it look as follows: localhost loopback ::1 localhost Then save and try pinging the host: ping

April 2nd, 2014

Posted In: Windows Server, Windows XP

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