Tiny Deathstars of Foulness

As many of you may have noticed, I’ve been number needing the time I spend running, walking, sleeping and pretty much anything else at this point. As such, I’ve been testing a lot of little devices that help me track such things. So when it comes to personal fitness tracking, I wanted to write up an article comparing all these devices to answer a common question I get: which one is the best? The problem with that question is that some of us value certain features more or less than others. So I took a stab at putting those features into a table. If you think of anything I missed DM me or email me and I’ll try and add it!
 FitBit OneFitBit FlexNike+FuelBandJawbone Up
Price (Amazon)99.9596.4124.99 (sensor only)144.95129
Altimeter (stair tracking)YesNoNoNoNo
Sleep TrackingYesYesNoNoYes
Step TrackingYesYesNoNoYes
Distance TrackingYesYesYesYesYes
Silent AlarmYesYesNoNoYes
Food Tracking (in app)YesYesNoNoYes
Wireless SyncBluetooth 4YesYesBluetooth 2No
Automatic SyncYesYesNoNoNo
DisplayOLEDLED LightsN/ALED with WordsLED backlights
Shows TimeYesNoNoYesNo
ChargingUSB dongleUSB dongleN/AUSB on bandUSB Dongle
WornBelt clipWristIn ShoeWristWrist
Heart RateNoNoNoNoNo
Battery time (for me)4 days5 daysN/A4 days6 days
Heart rateNoNoNoNoNo
App UXKeeps getting better, user friendlyKeeps getting better, user friendlyNike Running app doesn't require sensorApp is about competing for points more than anything else; have to manually start thingsBest app of all of them. Very sleek, responsive, great graphics
WaterproofNot officially but have washed and it keeps tickingNot officially but have washed and it keeps tickingSensor in shoeYes, to 210 feetFine in the shower, not when swimming
MyFitnessPal IntegrationYesYesNoNoYes
IFTTT IntegrationNoNoNoNoYes
Mood trackingNoNoYes (per run)yes (per run)Yes
Vibrating MotorNoYesNoNoYes

October 26th, 2013

Posted In: Wearable Technology