Tiny Deathstars of Foulness

The Fitbit Aria Scale tracks weight, body fat and BMI. It’s also pretty cool how it smiles at you too. As a gadget head, there’s really no way I could go through life without one of these. If you use a One, Ultra or Flex, this data gets synchronized to the same Fitbit account you use for other things as well. The scale can also be used by multiple people in a household, with each persons weight getting synchronized to their own account at Fitbit. aria The Aria comes with batteries. But don’t put them in before installing the app. To set the device up, first install the Fitbit Wi-Fi Scale Setup application, located at the getting started page for the Aria: Once downloaded, open the app. At the “Ready to connect your scale?” screen, click Get Started. Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 5.38.39 PMSign up for a free account screen, click Log in to your account if you already have an account; otherwise provide details so a new account can be created for you and then click Sign up. Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 5.38.47 PM At the Personal Info screen, enter your height, weight, birthday and a time zone and click on the Next button. Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 5.39.21 PM At the Question screen, select Yes if the wireless network is listed properly; otherwise click No and select the correct network. Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 5.40.28 PM Next, place the batteries in the Aria and it will turn on automatically. Click Connect when the scale comes up and it will get joined to the wireless network. Now, this is a little tricky sometimes as the scale might go ahead and join the network and the app is likely never to notice. So at this point, once the scale restarts, stand on it and see if it can upload to your account. If it does, you’re done. If it doesn’t, try the wizard again (force quit, re-run). Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 5.43.30 PM Once installed, log into your Fitbit dashboard and locate the Weight tile. This will show the historical rating for weight, Lean vs Fat and BMI over time. Good for number nerding, working towards goals, etc. Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 2.46.50 PM

August 23rd, 2013

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