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I’ve had most of the fitness trackers over the years, from the Nike FuelBand to the Fitbit to the Apple Watch to the Adidas MiCoach to the Pebble to the Withings. And the badges, trophies, etc are one of my favorite parts of these devices. The FitBit pretty much has the most badges of any device currently on the market, although they’ve changed a little over time. I do wish that I could see these in the Fitbit app easily, but instead I use this link to access them: You can show your badges to others. To do so, log into the dashboard and click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click on the Settings menu and select Privacy. From here you can choose to display the badges you have to others. Steps Daily step maximum badges awarded at 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, 25,000, 30,000, 35,000, 40,000, 45,000 and 50,000 steps (guessing if anyone didn’t die going above that it would continue on in increments of 5,000) Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.22.07 PM These have now been changed and instead of being based on distance have names based on types of shoes:
  • Boat Shoe: 5,000 Steps
  • Steakers: 10,000 Steps
  • Urban Boot: 15,000 Steps
  • High Tops: 20,000 Steps
  • Classics: 25,000 Steps
  • Trail Shoe: 30,000 Steps
  • Hiking Boot: 35,000 Steps
  • Cleats: 40,000 Steps
  • Snow Boot: 45,000 Steps
  • Cowboy Boot: 50,000 Steps
  • Platform Shoe: 55,000 Steps
  • Blue Suede Shoes: 60,000 Steps
  • Ruby Slippers: 65,000 Steps
  • Spring Loaders: 70,000 Steps
  • Genie Shoe: 75,000 Steps
  • Futuristic Kicks: 80,000 Steps
  • Rocket Boot: 90,000 Steps
And these badges look like this: Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 1.53.54 PM Lifetime Distance badges, awarded at 50, 250, 500, 750, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 and 5,000 miles originally but changed to places that are similar later, so you can run across New Zealand, or London. Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.22.33 PM screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-9-11-19-am The badges were also rebranded with places/distances, as follows:
  • Marathon: 26 Miles
  • Penguin March: 70 Miles
  • London Underground: 250 Miles
  • Serengeti: 500 Miles
  • Italy: 736 Miles
  • New Zealand: 990 Miles
  • Great Barrier Reef: 1,600 Miles
  • Japan: 1869 Miles
  • India: 1997 Miles
  • Monarch Migration: 2,500 Miles
  • Sahara: 2,983 Miles
  • Nile: 4,132 Miles
  • Africa: 5,000 Miles
  • Great Wall: 5,500 Miles
  • Russian Railway: 5,772 Miles
  • Earth: 7,992 Miles
Floors Daily floor maximum badges, awarded at 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, etc floors Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.22.19 PM   These have now been retitled to Daily Climb:
  • Happy Hill: 10 Floors
  • Redwood Forest: 25 Floors
  • Lighthouse: 50 Floors
  • Ferris Wheel: 75 Floors
  • Skyscraper: 100 Floors
  • Rollercoaster: 125 Floors
  • Stadium: 150 Floors
  • Bridge: 175 Floors
  • Castle: 200 Floors
  • Waterfall: 300 Floors
  • Canyon: 400 Floors
  • Volcano: 500 Floors
  • Mountain: 600 Floors
  • Rainbow: 700 Floors
screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-9-09-52-am Lifetime Climb badges:
  • Helicopter: 500 Floors
  • Skydiver: 1,000 Floors
  • Hot Air Balloon: 2,000 Floors
  • 747: 4,000 Floors
  • Cloud: 8,000 Floors
  • Spaceship: 14,000 Floors
  • Shooting Star: 20000 Floors
  • Astronaut: 28000 Floors
screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-9-10-26-am Scale Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.22.50 PM Badges earned using the FitBit scale:
  • Lifetime Weight Loss Badge: Shows amount of weight between highest and current weight in increments of 5 pounds.
  • 5 Pound: Awarded when you drop 5 pounds.
  • Weight Loss Goal: Awarded when you meet your first weight loss goal.
Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 2.24.54 PM Badges earned in other ways:
  • DoGooder: Join the FitForGood challenge at
  • FitForGood: Join the FitForGood challenge and get 25,000 steps afterwards
  • Helping Hero: Join the FitForGood challenge and get 60,000 steps afterwards
  • Charity Champion: Join the FitForGood challenge and get 100,000 steps afterwards
Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 9.43.35 AMScreen Shot 2015-11-20 at 1.08.29 PM Summary Overall, the FitBit badges represent a great way to keep people out and moving around. They’re pretty mature at this point, and I look forward to seeing how they continue to evolve over time!

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      1. is it Possible to do that in a day ??? unless you start at the crack of dawn and end as the owls come out …mmmm I like to push it but this is Way over the top … might be a case of … I done more than you scenario … no thanks …

        1. I believe so, though it seems a bit extreme to me. The highest I’ve ever done is about 30,000 in one day (this was before I got my Fitbit so no badges unfortunately). I can do 2,000 steps in 15 minutes on the treadmill (fast walking). At that pace, it would take 12 Hours, 30 Minutes to get 100,000 steps and 18 Hours, 45 Minutes to get 150,000 steps. If you run, that might be doable in 6 to 9 hours.

          1. I think 10.000 is 5 miles if am Correct I usually do (when I feel up to it ) about 8 miles and when its warmer I have done 12 miles in under 3 hours but that was on a Flat route but I walk everyday as I do not drive 100.000 would be nearly 50 miles in a day that would be a killer to achieve if you tried it non stop or very little rest mmm am still unsure as to how you would feel as it would certainly make you poorly to say the least …

  1. I wear a pedometer every day of the week and so far I have gotten 40,000 steps in one day. I am going to keep seeing how many more steps that I can get each day. My goal is to get up to 90, 000 in the near future.

      1. Wow – just looked it up. That’s a heck of a goal! The most I’ve done is 25,000 steps(twice). I should be able to do 30,000 sometime this year, probably in Vegas…

  2. A little disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be a badge for any more than 700 flights of stairs in a day. 2 days ago I undertook the Welsh 3000s (4000m of total ascent – half of Everest!) and recorded 1,261 floors. No badges after 700 though 🙁

      1. Only certain models of fitbit calculate your climb. Only the Fitbit Ultra tracks your climb, just like only by using the Fitbit Aria scale do you get the weight loss badges.

        1. Actually, Fitbit Charge (and Charge HR) will track your stair climb too. Also, you don’t need Aria to get the weight loss badges. I don’t have one and have been entering my weight manually. I’ve lost over 40 pounds and have all the weight loss badges to 40 pounds.

          1. I think getting the weight loss badges, without an Aria, was a (temporary) glitch when fitbit updated their software. I got a few, but they stopped coming a while ago…. Or maybe I need a new weight goal? Or maybe meeting my goal is what shit them down?

      2. It can tell if you have been going up the stairs, I do not know the science behind it but it only counts the staircase as a set if it is 10 feet or more, almost equivalent to 10 steps up the stairs. If you are doing a stair master it will not count.

    1. I noticed that when I “Track Exercise” that it doesn’t give me credit for step milestones. The first time I tracked exercise with fitbit I hit over 20000 steps and I never got a badge. I’m assuming it did the same thing with your flights. Were you tracking exercise during that? Just curious.

  3. So I have a friend with a Sahara Desert lifetime miles (distance) badge of 2,983 lifetime miles. So the badges aren’t distributed at even numbers, but rather significant and specific distances. So are these badges outdated???

    1. Vey, but you can make it more so by measuring your gait. Like walk a known distance (track, baseball field etc.) and avg. your steps and update your stride length

        1. I don’t understand where you got that from, and why you would accuse him of implying that you’re a liar.

          He’s saying that you should double-check your tracker, as in walk a mile and see if it updates, or walk 100 steps and see it it updates that data. If it doesn’t then something might be wrong with your settings.

          1. We are not all Stupid i have had Pedometers for Many Many years … i have Checked…. How Patronizing you Both are…

          2. This will be my last reply.
            I, personally, did not view you as stupid or even naive. Neither of us knew that you’ve had pedometers in the past and as such we wanted to help, and yet here you are accusing one or both of us of a) patronizing and b) implying that you are a liar- neither of which I find to be true.

            If you think that all people on the internet are talking down to you when they’re trying to help then you’re the one with the problem buddy.

          3. IT was not an attack .. He like a few on here Presumed I did not input my Gait …and spoke to me in a Patronizing way like I didn’t know what I was doing …Boy were they wrong …

        2. No… You should learn to read better.

          You asked “how accurate is my tracker?” I answered you—“Very.”—BUT it can be more accurate by measuring your gait at a known distance. It assumes you are walking 3 feet per step or something (2.5 for ladies I think) but humans all walk differently (we are not built to the same length) and so you can get a better estimate if you calculate it and adjust your settings.

          Sorry for answering your question— which wasn’t at all patronizing either, it was being helpful friend.
          But if you’d like me to be patronizing, I suggest you stop with the steroids buddy, cause your crazy aggression is showing.

          1. And How Do you Know i Didn’t do That…? Yet Again Your Guessing ….As for the Steroid ..Pathetic …

        3. I think that he was not calling you a liar, but he was trying to say that if you would like to test how accurate the Fitbit is, maybe you should go somewhere that you know is .5 miles and walk or run, your choice, all the way around it, if it turns out to be evenly .5 miles you know it is accurate.

          1. I shall repeat as no one on here seems to be able to comprehend that I know exactly how to measure my Distance and my stride Length.. I have a 5 and 8 mile route I regularly do … I know EXACTLY THE DISTANCE.. so yes my Fitbit is set Properly … And is ACCURATE IS THAT GOOD enough FOR everyone NOW ON HERE ?

          2. You wondered how accurate it was. Justin told you that it is generally very accurate, but that the accuracy can be improved with the method described. “You” doesn’t have to refer to you specifically; it can be a general statement of fact about a generality. No assumptions were made — except your assumption that people were attacking you.

            Although I wonder why you’re asking about the accuracy of the Fitbit if you’ve already gone through that process? If you know a certain route is a set distance, then you know whether the Fitbit matches that or not. If it isn’t, then obviously your fitbit isn’t recording your steps/distance properly.

          1. lol. Maybe I was a little hasty, so you’re not an idiot. You do seem a little paranoid though.

          2. So your insult didn’t work now you accuse me of being mentally ill… what a sad life you must lead … if you have nothing good to say to then say nothing at All .. I assure you I am not Paranoid .. just Honest which People on here forget what that is !!!

        4. Wow, a few months ago, but what a psyco. He said he earned a badge but has no idea what it means, and asks for accuracy of the fitbit. A guy kindly answers him and the poster goes nuts saying he knows all that and he has already verified how accurate it is. so Kevin why did you ask how accurate it was if you had already tested that to know? What possible response were you looking for that you would not have gone nuts over? How about wow Kevin Blue suede shoes badge, you are super amazing awesome, I wish I could be as good as you. As for the accuracy of it, I am sure that such an amazing person as yourself must already have done numerous scientific tests to determine this so I could offer no advice to someone as all encompasing awesome as you. What a privilage to having read your comment, my life is complete now

          1. I stand by my post which was done without calling ‘stupid ignorant insults like your B.S. Statement you just made .. Do you Know What a Psyco is ..You Fool ..If you do not have a Constructive Thing to say I Suggest you say nothing …. I Wonder what the J..Stand for in your online name …

          2. Yes a psyco or psycopath is defined as
            “noun: psychopath; plural noun: psychopaths
            a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.”
            You asked a question of how accurate the fitbit was and someone tried to give you an answer saying it was very accurate and knowing nothing about you went the extra mile (pun intended) to give you further information on how it can be made more accurate. If you already knew how to do all this and had infact calibrated and tested it, then why did you even ask the question to a random internet group when you already considered yourself an expert in the field. I honestly ask, what response were you looking for? I am sure anyone responding with just Very accurate or pretty good would have been either met with condesending remarks about the vaugeness of the answer, or you asking for imperical data to support their assessment.
            As for my comment about psyco, how you arrived at the idea that someone was calling you a lier or being patronizing from their response, when clearly no-one else here read it that way, and with the attacks you came back with needing to “stand your ground” when NO ONE was attacking you or talking down to you, I think I do not use the term loosely.
            as for J it does not stand for anything, it is part of my name. Sorry for poking the bear.

          3. I was asking there Thoughts on the accuracy that is all .. which most on here Failed to Realise ..including you ! ….and if you question my Intelligence and education .. you would know that Your Spelling of Liar is Laughable .. yet again … I say I stand by my Comments .. and I Disagree to you insulting comments.. as I did with most of the others on here… now I Have my Opinion you have had yours … now let us both move on unless you wish to carry on Trading insults …

          4. Ok one more than I am done. You asked “Am just wondering how accurate it is” your very first response was “Very” (ok actually “Vey” but let’s not nit pick over chat board like you are editing a university paper). That is a direct response to your question. How is that not realizing what you were asking? He went further hearing your concern about how accurate it was and gave tips on how it could even be further made more accurate, personalizing it to you. His response was helpful and correct. It would not occur to most people that someone would ask a question on a message board when they already knew the answer and how to test for accuracy themselves. Your response was accusing him of calling you a liar (sorry for my earlier typo but is is no worse than your random Capitalization. All the rest of the posts after that were people trying to understand why you had such a negative reaction to what by all indications was a well meant, direct answer to your question . I wish you well and hope you are enjoying your Fitbit.

    2. FYI, Blue Suede shoes is for 60,000 steps in a day. I’ve gotten it once. Then walked another 2.5 miles to get Ruby Slippers (65,000 steps in a day), my biggest day so far, but I plan another epic walk to go bigger.

      PS. I used a treadmill to dial in my actual gait/stride length. Note that fitbit uses 2 gaits, one for walking and one for running. Both are on the Setting page, under Body Info – .

      Keep on steppin’!

  4. Does anyone know how the weight loss badges work. I know you don’t need the scale anymore. I have received the 5# badge and then the 10# & i should have gotten the 15# but instead it says i received the 5# twice. From my highest recorded weight to current weight i have lost 24# but it doesn’t recognize that, why?

    1. Do you have the fitbit Aria scale? You basically need that, unless you were a) logging you weights manually, and b) were doing so prior to a certain dashboard upgrade (last year) where manual loggers were given credit for the data they (we) entered. My last weight badge was 25# on July 25, 2015. I’ve now lost about 35#, but no new badge(s). No big deal, I don’t need no stinkin’ [weight] badges.

      1. I get badges for my manual weight entries. I picked up my 20# badge this past Friday.

        On an interesting side note, a while back when I entered my weight the 5 on the end didn’t take for some reason and I didn’t realize it until I hit enter. It immediately gave me all of the badges up to 185# (plus weight goal met). I corrected the weight, but still had to go in and manually delete the badges one by one.

  5. How come when I keep checking my lifetime miles, it hasn’t changed. It keeps saying I have 332 miles left for my next badge. I log almost 30,000 steps a day and that should of changed or that badge earned by now. Thanks

  6. Happy Hill 10 floors what does this represent the amount of step I climbs? The number of flights I walked I’m confused. Let me just say this is my first day with the Fit bit. After having my Nike Fule band for 3 years I just switched to Fit Bit..

    1. The fitbit uses a barometer of sorts to gauge every 10 foot ascent you climb. This means one floor may not be one flight if stairs.

      I don’t know if it counts hills. It for me, which makes sense as it’s measuring the change in elevation.

      1. No, it’s gauging the height of an actual standard flight of stairs I think, not 10 feet. And because of floors and ceilings a flight of stairs is really 13 feet. And it’s pretty accurate to that too. Like when I have climbed up 8 flights in an Art Deco building that’s what it says, while if it were measuring 10 ft. it should show that I’ve climbed an erroneous 10 flights…

        And it absolutely counts hills, and mountains too. The way it works is by measuring change in air pressure, which which is why when walking along the edge of a windswept cliff or atop a mountain sometime it will screw up a little and give you an extra few flights.

    1. I got my “Boat Shoe” (5,000 Steps) badge right after boarding a boat (the day after I bought my first Fitbit). It freaked me out a little wondering how it figured out (as it was not the model with GPS) I had just boarded a boat.

  7. This was SO helpful. I have motivation now to get these badges. I wish this were displated in the app or desktop page more readily or at all as I have never seen this.

    1. Yup… must occur from midnight to midnight, in the time zone you set your device up in (except lifetime badges- not even hobbits do New Zealand in a day). But some are lopsided- like it only cares about going up, not down for steps climbed- I got a badge for climbing up 500 flights in a single day, but then my legs were jelly and so I camped. Fitbit didn’t care that I didn’t then climb down. Only up matters. But that crazy 100,000 step badge is a single day award, and by my math to get it you need to do 2 full marathons before midnight.

  8. Have just used my Surge for the first time on this mornings slow run. Initially I was a bit disappointed when it took quite a while to Sync with my laptop. However when it did, and I started to browse all the details that were logged, I found the list of badges I had achieved this morning. First thought was, how the hell does the fitbit know I live by the shore and ran round the lighthouse this morning, I was mightily impressed, but soon realised what it actually meant. LOL. Obviously a bit of blood rush to the head. Anyway, quite impressed so far.

  9. I have a some more daily step badges to share. I know these because I recently unlocked them.

    Cowboy Boot 50,000 Steps
    Platform Shoe 55,000 Steps
    Blue Suede Shoes 60,000 Steps
    Ruby Slippers 65,000 Steps

    Thanks for all this great info, I check it quite regularly.


  10. Here is the continuation to the daily steps:
    Cowboy Boot: 50,000 Steps
    Platform Shoe: 55,000 Steps
    Blue Suede Shoes: 60,000 Steps
    Ruby Slippers: 65,000 Steps
    Spring Loaders: 70,000 Steps
    Genie Shoe: 75,000 Steps
    Futuristic Kicks: 80,000 Steps
    Rocket Boot: 90,000 Steps

    So it’s every 5k steps until you get to 80k, then it jumps to 10k step increments. I still see a ? at the end so it looks like there is a 100k, but I was wasted because I got the 90k while going for my daily climb (rainbow badge).

  11. Here is the continuation to the daily steps:
    Cowboy Boot: 50,000 Steps
    Platform Shoe: 55,000 Steps
    Blue Suede Shoes: 60,000 Steps
    Ruby Slippers: 65,000 Steps
    Spring Loaders: 70,000 Steps
    Genie Shoe: 75,000 Steps
    Futuristic Kicks: 80,000 Steps
    Rocket Boot: 90,000 Steps

    So you get a badge every 5k steps until you get to 80k, then it jumps to 10k step increments. I still see a ? at the end so it looks like there is a 100k, but I was wasted because I got the 90k while going for my daily climb (rainbow badge). Will try again with just a straight 10-12 hour jog/walk.

  12. It’s impossible to get the Rocket boot (90,000 steps for the day). There is 60 seconds a minute, 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day. 60x60x24=86,400 possible steps in one day of non stop stepping.

    1. I received the Olympian Sandal badge (100,000 steps for the day), so it is indeed possible. I believe this is the highest daily step badge you can get.
      When running, you take more than one stride a second. Usually, it is between 2-3 strides per second. My highest step total was done over the course of a 100 mile trail ultramarathon a year ago.

      1. Awesome!! I did some pacing and I believe I can hit it with a 50 mile ultramarathon. It’s too inconvenient for me to drive to one and they usually take place in the middle of nowhere (so they don’t have to close 50 miles of roads). I’ll be jogging around Lake Washington on May 20th (10-12 hours) to hit it.

        Brian: Looking at your badge list, is there a “?” after the Olympian Sandal badge?

    2. Brian is completey right, 100,000 is the max and definitely IS possible – did this last year on 3rd of October, which is our national holiday here in Germany.

    3. It is entirely possible. I ran a 50 mile race, all in one day this past Saturday, and it added up to 123,000 steps. Most runners have a cadence of 120+ steps per minute.

  13. Can we have badges above 100,000steps in a day? 100 miles in 24 hours is acheivable so I think it would be grest to go to 200k steps per day.

    1. Should have cranked out another couple miles. JK, when I had my best day, Ruby Slippers 65,000 Steps, I could barely walk another step. Well I did walk a few more to get to 65, but 95 is damn impressive. Kudos!

  14. Disappointed that there isn’t a badge for over 100,000 steps in a day. Looks like I only have one more badge for miles also, just received my badge for Russian Railway 5,772 miles next one and the last I see is Earth

  15. OK, now I’m seeing this:

    7900 mi (12,713 km): Earth
    12430 mi (20,004 km): Pole to Pole

    So the distance is correct, but not explained. Google informs me the Earth is 24,901 mi.

    That “pole to pole distance” makes sense, approx. one half the circumference (~12, 450 mi)

    PS. Is the not a way to edit a post? If so, I didn’t see it.

  16. My daily Badges aren’t being accumulated since 3rd May 2016. I started using Fitbit from 5th Jan 2016. Although I get daily Badges of steps & floors climbed but these are not being added. The total distance covered & floors climbed since I started are being awarded as per my performance.

  17. It was definitely a glitch…..but somehow my wife got 100,000 steps in a day. I mean, she averages about 3,000 steps a day…when she’s working out! Total couch potato. Anyways, the 100,000 steps in a day badge is an “Olympian” shoe.

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