Mac OS X Applications HideAUser HideAUser is a little tool for hiding a user. Once run, the loginwindow of Mac OS X will not show the user(s) specified. For multiple users, simply type the short name of each seperated by a space. Then attempt to login and see if the list shows the user you indicated not to show.

Click Here to Download HideAUser

AppleSetupRedux AppleSetupRedux is a simple utility for resetting a system back to a factory-type state. Once run, on the next reboot, the Apple Setup Assistant will run so that you can distribute the machine to customers or whatever you might want to do with a machine where the Setup Assistant runs again.

Click Here to Download AppleSetupRedux

BoxMounter Wrote a quick little tool for mounting accounts to the Finder of Mac OS X. This allows you to interact with the service as you would a MobileMe account or a file server. The tool connects to over WebDAV and so you will need to provide you username and password (which can be saved into your Keychain) for your account with each login. However, you can put the tool into your startup items, login items, etc. Future releases might include the ability to store your credentials so you don’t have to provide them any more or the ability to synchronize your files from your account, but this fills my need for now and so I hope you will find it useful as well.

Click here to Download BoxMounter

XsanDebugged XsanDebugged is a small, quick little tool that copies the Xsan logs to the desktop of the user running it. It’s designed so that an Xsan administrator can leave it in the Dock of a computer and then tell an editor or someone onsite to click on it and not have to step anyone through typing commands to copy logs, compress them and then email them. Another tool that is fairly quick and easy from the command line, but meant to save a bunch of time on the phone when troubleshooting issues remotely.

Click here to Download XsanDebugged DSDebug DSDebug is a small, quick little tool that just puts a server into Directory Services debug mode, waits for a specified amount of time and then drops a file on your desktop with the logs, placing the server back into a non-Directory Services debug mode. That’s all. It’s mostly designed to send to an Open Directory server’s administrator, tell them to double-click on it and not have to step anyone through typing much. It waits mostly so you can know how long it’s going to wait… Nice, small and compact. Warning: it cleans up after itself, deleting the DirectoryService.debug.log file in case you captured a massive log or want to run it later without a bunch of crap already in the file. (but if you want to keep that file, and I doubt you do, then make sure to back it up before running this tool).

Click here to Download DSDebug


PlistCheck is a very small, very fast application that checks preferences (aka – property lists) to make sure that they are properly formatted. There are a few other tools out there that do this and it’s easier to just use the command line, but if you are not command line savvy (or working with someone who isn’t) then you can use this tool to check property lists (preferences) rather than using the command line to do so.

Click here to Download PlistCheck

Show Desktop ShowDesktop is an application meant to be the equivalent of the Show Desktop option in Microsoft Windows. ShowDesktop isn’t as fast as Show Desktop is but it also does not run when it is not being used and therefore conserves system resources making it more suitable for servers and high utilization systems. While this could be done by mapping a key in Expose there are certain instances where you cannot do that, and those are why this application exists…

ICNS alternative for ShowDesktop Application for Mac OS XClick here to download ShowDesktop.

Apple Dashboard Widgets Xsan Monitor The Xsan Monitor Widget is now in Alpha. This Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X will read the performance statistics for the Xsan processes and display how much CPU and RAM that they are taking up on your hard drive. Please feel free to download and test version .1 at your own risk. To download and install, just click on the below image, when the zip is complete downloading it should automatically extract and ask if you want to install the widget. If so, click Install and you’re good to go.
Xsan Monitor v.1
Xsan Monitor v.1
FCSMonitor FCSMonitor is another application that, like Xsan Monitor monitors process and memory utilization. It too is in the earlier stages of development so if you’d like to test it out and use it then please feel free to download and install it by clicking on the screenshot of the application below.
FCSMonitor has a widget all its own. It’s nothing fancy, just displays the feed from the site. You can download it by clicking on the image here. Widget Widget
iPhone Applications has its own iPhone application. To download it, you will need to click on the below link to connect to the iTunes AppStore. Systems Administration Applications YAXU (Yet Another Xsan Utility) is a 318 Applications 318 Auto Archiver

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