Simple Stats in macOS

There’s a gem called iStats. It shows you fan speeds, cpu temp, battery cycle stats, and battery temp. Reason this came up for me is that I was asked a question on what the highs and lows were for computers to stay healthy in a remote sensor capacity. I typically try to keep computers above 25 (around -5 Celcius) and while the computer will shit itself off at 212 Fahrenheit (actually between 85 and 100 Celcius), it’s a good idea to keep it below 95 degrees (see for more information on preferred operating temperatures).

So you can use iStats to pull a few temperatures and then automatically send yourself an alert when the computer is getting to an inappropriate temperature (or automatically turn the heat or air on in a space that the computer is in. Anyway, to install iStats:

sudo gem install istats

And to then invoke iStats simply run the istats command:

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  1. While I agree that the computer will probably shit itself at 212 degrees, I believe you meant shut itself off. 😉

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