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Minnebar Presentations Available On YouTube

I was supposed to give a presentation at MinneBar a few weeks ago, but I ended up having to be out of town. I was pretty bummed as I really wanted to see a few of the presentations. But, lucky me, MinneBar has actually started posting presentations to YouTube. Woohoo, they’re available at http://www.youtube.com/user/MinneStarMedia.

The one I think I was most interested in seeing is available right here, and I can embed it into my own site and watch it from here.

I will try and make the next one to do the presentation I’d planned on giving. This is a community I am very supportive of and love contributing to (although the next time someone uses “serial entrepreneur” as their job title I might not be able to suppress the eye roll + flutter combination – sry).

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A Little Bit Of What I Do

People often ask me what I do for a living and my answer is usually that I get paid to play with computers and manage people who play with computers. But if I were to drill down, I really do a lot of different things (as you can probably tell if you’ve seen a lot of my posts). But one of my favorite things to do is unwrap tons of shiny new computers and put them into the hands of students. The potential, the excitement, the smiles make much of the other stuff worthwhile. You actually get to feel like you made the world slightly better. We usually refer to this as imaging. The process usually starts by installing a master or capturing a thin image and then automating all of the software that goes into making the system useable by end users. Then, test, test, test. After a day or 10 of this process we can then get those shiny new computers on desks and start up our automations. This last part can be pretty fun. And Ben Pirozzolo captured that fun in this little video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and total hat tip to Ben for capturing a sliver of my life in such a fun way!

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Apple Finally Finds YouTube

Apple has been interfacing with YouTube for some time. They have provided YouTube integration into a number of their consumer applications and clearly understand how to aggregate content from YouTube and interface with the YouTube API. Apple also has some of the best marketing of the past 10 or more years. But until now, Apple has been quiet on the YouTube front. Now, with the introduction of the iPad, Apple has quietly started a YouTube presence. I can’t help but wonder what Apple has in store for the field of interactive marketing!


Gadgets & Videos

I added new pages for Google Gadgets and YouTube Videos to the navbar at the top of the screen. The Gadgets are the common gadgets I use and the Videos is a rendition of the krypted318 channel. Hope you find these useful. Look for additional applications to be added to the fat client stuff shortly.

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Google Apps from the C-Suite

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MacBook Wheel – Tablet?

An oldie but goodie. My wife said I should write a book about the MacBook Wheel. What do you think?


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Google Wave Video

Google Wave is Google’s Open Source online collaboration solution – html5 is pretty bad-daddy…:


Boobies on Facebook

Today I found a game/app in my Facebook feed called Vrais ou faux seins ? The application has blatantly exposed breasts.  I can’t speak French so I can’t tell what it is about, but the pictures sure seem to tell a pretty compelling story.  I’m sure that the good people at Facebook will end up finding the application and removing it soon enough.  But it brings up, again, the changes that the increasing globalization that the Internet has brought about. And in my standard Facebook feed…

It’s not that I care.  I don’t.   It’s more just watching culture classes as they continue to emerge.  Much like Google’s Schmidt leveraging YouTube to speak out on Iran in a way… There are positive aspects of a more open world, but there are also aspects with regard to differing values that will have be reconciled in the culture clashes that continue to happen.  Such as the appearance of boobies in little Archie’s Facebook feed…

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Robcop vs. Terminator

Robocop, Terminator, with a little Alien mixed in, how could you not just love this!  Anyway, I’m off today, so enjoy a little light techie YouTube whatnot…