Site Maintenance

Due to load, the site is being moved to a new server. As such, for the time being, there are some features that are not acting properly. The first is with Permalinks in WordPress 2.8. Basically, if you’ve come to the site through a search engine you may need to search within the site for the page that you are looking for. Pages are all still there, just might not be in the same path you came to. Simply use the search dialog at the top of the page for the search terms and the site will get you there. Second, the site might be down for a little while tomorrow as we’re working out some issues with the new server. Thanks for your patience and apologies for any inconveniences!

Bug in WordPress 2.8

In WordPress there are tags, such as the ones you see at the bottom of this article.  You enter tags when you’re writing an article in the Post Tags section of the Add New Post page.  Prior to WordPress 2.8 you could enter a bunch of tags and just hit the Publish button, the tags would be committed automatically.  Now though, you enter the tags and hit the Publish button and they are not committed.  You have to use the Add button to commit the tags, then hit the Publish button.  This has always been a feature, but both used to work.  For me, breaking a third party plug-in is only natural, so that is not a bug.  Sure, I had two plug-ins that were broken when 2.8 came out.  2.8.1 fixed one of those, but the developer I think will need to fix the other.  But the issue with the tags is a little annoying.  But the crew at WordPress rules.  My bug is submitted and I’m sure it will be addressed with all due haste.