Tiny Deathstars of Foulness

In 2048 Microsoft will go belly up. Really? How could I make that kind of prediction? I CAN’T!!! Who knows what will happen in all those years? Cell phone technology: 3 years ago, if someone had told you that the Apple iPhone would be such a dominant force in the market, what would you have said? Certainly it’s cool, but you’d of called them a fanboy – and if you hadn’t then you should have. Every single Linux conference I’ve ever been to, there is always a speaker who is extolling the virtues of Linux as an enterprise desktop and talking about how it will replace Windows as the dominant desktop OS within the next 2-3 years. I attended my first Linux conference in 1997… Fanboy? I seem to hear the occasional murmur about Apple in the Enterprise space, but while the numbers rise, they’re barely a blip on the Microsoft radar. So why does a Gartner analyst feel the need to go on the record saying that Android is gonna’ jump above the iPhone? I wonder if he read my article on going under the hood of Android and thought that I was saying it was ready for prime time? Or maybe he’s just a fanboy? Or who knows, maybe he’s on to something. So was chicken little, right? Or he might just be like the guy who gets a running start at the marathon but doesn’t pace himself. If he isn’t right about his prediction he might find himself getting trampled by all the other Gartner analysts for that corner office… Personally I keep a Windows Mobile phone, a G-1 running Android and an iPhone sitting around. I’m actually using the iPhone full time as of about a week ago (had been Windows Mobile for a few years before that) but would be happy to run whatever was the most worry free and productive for me (I honestly still miss my Startac flip phone) – it just so happens that, mostly because of the applications available for the iPhone, that’s my weapon of choice right now. But I wouldn’t project out what that will be in 2012 for the cell phone industry, not for me nor the masses – you might have better luck trying to figure out what Brett Favre will be doing by then… PS – Go Vikes!

October 7th, 2009

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I am one of those weird techies that just likes a phone that works. It seems like the more I do to my phone, the less it works. Therefore, I don’t do much to my phone at all any more. I guess VMware is trying to change that. You see, if I had a bunch of Virtual Machines on my phone then I would have infinitely more games to waste time playing while waiting in line at the bank (OK, so who goes to the bank any more – whatever), I would be able to test code and sites from multiple OS’s and I would be able to hack around with Android while still being able to do an ActiveSync. VMware is jumping right into that VM for mobile device space and I have to say, the app looks and feels pretty nice. Windows Mobile and Android on the same device. VMware is clearly continuing to push the envelope. Now if I could just get Fusion for iPhone I’d be in tip-top shape…

April 11th, 2009

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Is there a more insane way to waste time? ┬áKillin’ me…

February 11th, 2007

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