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If you try to start a VM in XenSource and you see an error that SR_BACKEND_FAILURE_46 then one way to resolve is to detach the storage and reattach while forgetting and resetting the VM’s uuid. To do so, first locate the VM in question and go to the Storage tab to find the SR. Click Properties and add _temp to the end of the name so that you can easily find it to reattach. Then click on the Detach button for the storage. From the Console for the host, run the following (assuming the VM is called JACKED): xe vdi-list name-label= “JACKED_temp” Note the VDI UUID and SR UUID, which we’ll call $VDI_UUID and $SR_UUID respectively. THen run these commands: xe vdi-forget uuid=$VDI_UUID xe sr-scan uuid=$SR_UUID xe vdi-param-set name-label=JACKED uuid=$VDI_UUID Open XenCenter and go to the VM > Storage tab and click Attach. Choose JACKED_temp and then click Attach Disk. Finally, choose the VDI that you were working on and click Start. The VM should fire up now. Good luck!

August 13th, 2013

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You shouldn’t have to reboot your ESX servers very often. But when you do, you might want the virtual machines to start up automatically. To configure a virtual machine to start up (or shut down) automatically select the host and click on the Configuration tab. Then click on virtual machine Startup/Shutdown and click on Properties, selecting “Allow virtual machines to start and stop automatically with the system”. As I mentioned in a previous article, you can also configure the operating system to start after a brief delay by providing a Default Startup Delay time, allowing time for booting systems to run scripts or to throw them into Safe Mode. You can also configure automated shutdown options at this screen as well. Also use the Move Up and Move Down options to indicate what order virtual machines start when the system starts. Click Save and the configs are written to the system.

June 10th, 2013

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February 9th, 2005

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