Change The Default Duration Of Calendar Events

I’ve been on a quest to have less meetings in this world. But since that doesn’t seem likely, I’m settling on shorter, more specific meetings. One of the ways I’ve been trying to achieve this is to send a key called “Default duration in minutes for new event” into with an integer. In this case, I’m going to reduce my default meeting times to 15 minutes. defaults write 'Default duration in minutes for new event' 15 And viola, just like that I get to have less time spent in meetings! Note that this doesn’t change the default time of Quick Events.

A Guide To Using Mountain Lion Server (OS X 10.8)

I’ve been doing a number of postings on how to use various features of the latest version of OS X Server. Given that WordPress is pretty much a reverse chronological listing of articles I’ve written, I thought I’d put together a listing of the pages that I’ve done for OS X Server 10.8 (Mountain Lion Server) in order to offer a more pedagogically aligned way of reading these posts. As such, here is the Table of Contents for these posts: Introduction Managing the Server Configuring Services Troubleshooting Command Line Misc