Holy White Papers, Apple?!?!?

For those of you who say Apple doesn’t care about the enterprise, Apple has released a number of assets (technical white papers) on integrating Macs (Lion) into enterprise environments at http://training.apple.com/lion. This is also the page that you’ll find links to all of the official training and certification courses for Lion. The assets up on this page are about as close to a publicly accessible book on integrating OS X into the enterprise as you’ll to see for Lion… The first covers the basics of integrating Macs into enterprise environments:

The second covers self support:

The third is on evaluating Macs in Enterprise environments:

The fourth is on deployment:

The fifth is on integrating with Active Directory:

The sixth is on managing Macs with Configuration Profiles:

The seventh is on OS X Security:

The last of the papers is on 802.1x authentication: