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I was recently building some preflight scripts and was looking to record some information about a machine live, before proceeding with a script. I found the cheapest way to determine information about architectures and chipsets when scripting preflight scripts for OS X to be the arch and machine commands respectively. For example, to verify the architecture is i386, use the arch command with no options: /usr/bin/arch Which simply outputs “i386”: i386 To check the machine type, simply use the machine command: /usr/bin/machine Which outputs as follows: x86_64h

December 14th, 2014

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Open the installation DMG and expand the package so we can edit objects inside the package, done with pkgutil: pkgutil —expand “/Volumes/JDK 7 Update 67/JDK 7 Update 67.pkg” “/tmp/JDKTEMP.flat” Next, we’re going to edit that Distribution file, which is what’s checking the OS version, using vi: vi /tmp/JDKTEMP.flat/Dstribution Then we’re going to look for the OS version (currently 10.7) in the pm_install section: Edit OS version to 10.10 Then let’s save the file and then flatten the package, again using pkgutil: pkgutil —flatten “/tmp/JDKNEW.flat” “/tmp/JDK7.pkg” Finally fire up the package: open /tmp/JDK7.pkg And of course, finish running the installer. Good luck!

August 11th, 2014

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