Tiny Deathstars of Foulness

VPN-Cubed was a solution that Amazon listed for some time, allowing users of EC2 or S3 cloud services to VPN their resources in Amazon’s cloud to their own offices. But Amazon recently went a step further with their own offering and now provide the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. Pricing is based on a per-VPN connection, running at a nickel per hour that the VPN Connection is alive. Data transfer over the VPN is charged at a dime per gig into the cloud and between 10 and 17 cents per gig out of the cloud. There have been a number of concerns about security with regards to cloud services. The ability to build a dynamic tunnel between your AWS assets and your organization is now here. It’s interesting to see the price of security so simply laid out like that. Now how to factor risk versus just using otherwise encrypted protocols to communicate back to the office? Calculating risk with regards to data security is a pretty complicated task to those of us without CISSP+RMPhD (CISSPs and PhDs in Risk Management)…

September 3rd, 2009

Posted In: Network Infrastructure, sites, Unix, VMware

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