Podcast Producer Workflow ACLs

When using Podcast Producer, the Podcast Capture client application will ask each user for a username and password.  Armed with the authentication credentials.  Once a podcast has been captured then the user will be provided with a list of workflows that they have access to.  But where are these configured?  They can be added and removed from Server Admin.  And each can have a user, users, a group or groups that have access to use them.  By limiting access to each workflow, based on the Workflow ACL, you can then limit who can access to different blogs, who can use various automations and even who can publish to an iTunes U account, or a different third party service if you’ve scripting against a given API. In order to set these Workflow ACLs, open Server Admin and choose the Podcast Producer entry in the Server Admin sidebar, from the appropriate server.  Then click on the workflow you would like to limit access to.  By default, all users have access to all workflows.  Click on the Allow Access to…for the following users and groups radio button and then click on the plus sign (+).  Then from the floating list of users and groups, choose the object you would like to grant access to and then drag it into the list.  Then click on the Save button and you will save your changes.