Permalinks Finally Fixed!

When you enable permalinks in WordPress, you’re basically converting a link to an article you’ve written from something like to something like Doing so makes Google like the page more (supposedly). After my site moved, the permalinks were broken, so I turned them off until I could find time to fix them. I never did. But thanks to the glory that is @sacrilicious the permalinks were magically fixed one day. So do permalinks matter to drive traffic to a site? Well, nothing else changed, same length of articles, same frequency, etc. But when permalinks were turned back on, the answer was in my Site Stats, courtesy of ¬†JetPack: Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 10.52.16 PM   Thanks again, Banks!

Site Maintenance

Due to load, the site is being moved to a new server. As such, for the time being, there are some features that are not acting properly. The first is with Permalinks in WordPress 2.8. Basically, if you’ve come to the site through a search engine you may need to search within the site for the page that you are looking for. Pages are all still there, just might not be in the same path you came to. Simply use the search dialog at the top of the page for the search terms and the site will get you there. Second, the site might be down for a little while tomorrow as we’re working out some issues with the new server. Thanks for your patience and apologies for any inconveniences!