MacSysAdmin Videos Available

I really had a great time at MacSysAdmin 2011 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The videos of the sessions are now available at The Swedes, Danes, Norwegians and even the Finns are great hosts. And getting to meet people from so many countries in one spot is always fun. Tycho and his cohorts at Apoio just do such a great job planning and thinking every detail through. Since my demos were a fail (note: you need Internet access to restore iOS devices), I’ll be publishing an article that outlines each of my demos that weren’t able to be delivered at some point in the near future. Also, congrats to all the other speakers. I can’t think of a single session that wasn’t a pleasure to sit through!


MacSysAdmin will again be held in Gothenburg, Sweden. The dates for MacSysAdmin (and most of the speakers) have been announced. The conference will be held from September 29th through October 1st at the Folkets Hus. I am honored to again be a speaker and will be there throughout the conference, which includes sessions from a number of Mac gurus, including Arek Dreyer, Andrina Kelly, Alan Gordon, Karl Kuehn and Duncan McCracken. Click here to sign up and hope to see you there!