Turns 13 Today!

Before December 30th of 2004, was a site with some flat files of notes I’d taken. During the Holiday break that year, I finally converted it into a blog. And now, with over 3,500 posts and netting around 10,000 unique visitors a day, it’s very different. It started out as just some musings and technical notes. Now, it’s… Well, some musings and technical notes.

Actually, back then I’d occasionally write about college football (Go Dawgs!), a lot more about Windows (um, Windows NT sometimes – ick!), and an increasing amount about macOS Server. These days I post less, but I write as much as I ever did. Just more are links to articles I’ve written for other places (Medium, Huffington Post,, Jamf, etc). Also, there’s more that’s up on GitHub and contributions to projects at work and for various vendors we all know and love. And there’s more structure, as with the macOS Server guides. Overall, I still love to write, just my interests shift here and there. 

Anyway, Happy Birthday,!

And a Happy New Year to those who observe tomorrow as the end of the year!

Much love,


Krypted Turns 11 Today

Yup. Somehow I have made it this long. 3,100 posts later, or .77 posts per day, I’m still with ya’. Not sure what the next 11 days will bring us, much less the next 11 years, but I’m honored that so many people visit the site, and I hope I give you cause to continue to do so in the future. At least the graphics are a little better these days… Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 8.15.32 PM Thanks for stickin’ with me!

A More Minimal

I’ve wanted to redo for a long time. And I finally had a good excuse: my wife and daughter went to sleep early tonight. So, phase one, a very minimal design. This kinda’ mimics my latest approach to a lot of things, but the site is far simpler, a little quicker and hopefully now that the bad design has less to say, I’ll end up getting back to having more to say. Anyway, I hope you like it and Happy 2013!

2,000 Posts And Going Strong

In December of 2004, in response to a request from my publisher at the time, I started this site in its current form. I kept the domain from my personal tinkeration site, which was a glorified file service, some static html pages for me to remember things (I can be a bit forgetful at times) and some .htaccess files to keep parts of the site private. I’d been using the domain for awhile, but started tinkering around with a few blogging engines and eventually settled on the one I’m using now. The total number of posts now sits a little over 2020, with a few being drafts on upcoming products currently in beta and a few written by other authors. This puts me at a little over 2,000 posts that I’ve written personally. Some have been very short and just little tidbits for me to remember. But over the years there have been many that were around the depth and size of chapters of books as well (in fact some have been chapters I cut out of books and others have ended up becoming rough parts of chapters for books later). I started out writing about whatever it was I was thinking about. During the fall that meant a little football here and there (the University of Georgia Bulldogs seem to always disappoint me). During the spring it occasionally turned to surfing or cooking. And sometimes I even meandered into business stuff. But overall, it’s mostly been technical writing. There have been sprinklings of humor (which I should clearly stay away from), pictures (again, something I should stay away from), I even dabbled with trying to branch into making it a bit more of a social type of thing. It almost feels like 2,000 posts flew by. During that span I have remained at 318 (where i’ve written around 500 posts on the company site), cobbled together 8 or so books for a few different publishers, written articles for magazines and other sites and authored tons of technical documentation for various vendors in the IT industry (most of which you wouldn’t know I wrote unless a screenshot accidentally has a SSID or something in the sidebar, etc). There has been a lot of writing. The site is steady at around 150,000 uniques per month, with a solid distribution of visitors from all over the world, comments from all over the world and the site is starting to get article submissions from around the United States. Hopefully the submissions will continue to increase, as nothing makes me happier than editing the content of others and seeing more than what I work with on a daily basis, which invariably ends up teaching me more – and connecting others to the community. A lot of people ask me how I can write so much. The answer is pretty simple: I am surrounded by amazing people who are life long learners, whether it’s in the communities (or circles) I am in, at home or in a very concentrated sense, at the office. Much of writing is figuring out how to do things. Occasionally you find a better way later or someone comments on an article and tells me a better/more efficient way to do something. In fact, hopefully you are always looking for a way to make things better. Writing is no different than making a script, the more you do it the more efficient you get at it. And when friends (or strangers) comment on the site for corrections, hopefully the more information becomes available to the community. With repetition, the pace of writing quickens. But the number one reason I write so much is because it obviously makes me happy. As I’ve mentioned, I’d like to make into more of an outlet for others as well. Given the amount of traffic that the site gets, I feel it’s not a bad outlet for others. I’d also like to re-skin the site and move it to a better host at some point in the future. I can say that I’d like to make the site more charitable (which I honestly would like), to make it more “social”/community (I have mixed feelings on that, but whatever) or to make it more useful for non-technical tasks. But over the years, I’ve learned that the site is what it is: technical content. No one wants to read me yammer on and on about football, my various travels, the great food I eat (mostly because I tend to eat at Subway more than I should, which means notsomuch on the great food thing) or even news about this site (although you’re reading some now, so maybe…). People want to see the titles in a news feed or a Google search and decide if they want to read an article. That’s it. So that’s what I’ll keep doing, perhaps making it more of a ‘we’ than an ‘I’ moving forward! So 2,000 posts. Hopefully the next 2,000 will be better. Thanks for reading and visiting and keeping me goin’!

New User Submission Page

I have now opened up the site to user submissions and built a page to submit content. I’ve also tweaked the layout a little more to make things load faster and cleaned up the nav bar so that the Submit button can take you to the submission page. I hope to see some pretty awesome submissions after slaving away on the forms! A couple of notes on submissions:
  • Submissions do not require authenticating to the site
  • For any accepted submissions I will create an account for you (unless you already have one) and make sure that submissions are properly attributed
  • Feel free to submit a snippet along with a read more… type of link that kicks to another site. Unless it’s a problem I’ll accept those articles, but would prefer them to be over 2 paragraphs
The submission page is here: Turns 7!

Today, turns 7. 9 books and almost 2,000 posts later, I seem to have slowed down a bit if you look at the last couple of months of postings. But I’ve been busy, just trying to get a few other projects finished, so I can get back to my normal writing-too-much self. These projects I’ve been wrapping up include:
  • Writing Using Mac OS X Lion Server for O’Reilly (the final artwork for this one was turned in today)
  • Converting into a publishing company and putting out Time Machine in Mac OS X Lion, which should also be on the iBookstore soon
  • Speaking at 4 or 5 conferences (MacWorld is coming up, where I’ll be doing 3 talks)
  • My day job as Director of Technology at 318 seems to take up more and more time every year as we continue to grow and do cool stuff
  • Working on the Exchange 2010 Server exam for
There’s other projects too, but this is what I’ve been working on during my days off over the holidays. Hopefully I’ll wrap all these up soon and get back to writing here. I’ve also been working on a re-design for the site and with the amount of traffic it’s getting, it seems the site needs to get moved as well. Included in this is bringing on the first paid sponsorships. I’ve got the first lined up at this point, but if you or someone you know has a product to put in front of the audience, let me know. I’m also now accepting articles, tips, tricks or whatever, from others. So feel free to submit any content you’d like to get out there!

tlho' SoH turns 6 today. Since December 2004 there have been over 1,500 posts, more unique and returning visitors than I ever thought possible and the site has evolved from its state in the 90’s up to 2004, which was my gateway into my home into a site that seems to help plenty of people. For that, I am thankful. Looking forward to the new year, ya’ll! -Charles

Now A Social Network

Well, I have no clue why but I decided to setup the feeds and friends aspect of a social network on It turned out pretty good, although there’s still some CSS work to do. You can sign up by hovering over the Social icon in the toolbar and clicking on, ironically, Sign Up. You can then click on Edit Profile to upload a picture and create your own profile page. Then, Directory to see the other users of the network. The Friends button will show you your Friends and the Friend Requests button will show you pending requests from other friends. But most importantly, the Activity button will show you a Twitter-style or Facebook-style stream. Sorry if I’ve been focusing on site updates and improvements more than content recently. I’ll get back to the content in short order…