iWork Public Beta Goes Bye-Bye Today :: Last Call

I’m sure you’ve heard by now. But just in case you hadn’t logged into iWork.com in awhile or let the to-do lapse, it’s just worth a reminder that iWork Public Beta, the site that you could upload Pages, Numbers and Keynotes to, is being deprecated. The end comes on today. In other words, if you have documents up on the site, you should download them immediately or you won’t be able to come August. Apple has even provided a document explaining how. The service that was being provided by the iWork public beta is replaced by iCloud. Using iCloud, you can sync your documents between all of your devices. When you configure iCloud in System Preferences, you are prompted to sync contacts, calendars and bookmarks, but iCloud also gets configured for file synchronization as well at that time. While iCloud doesn’t allow you to edit documents online, you can access them through the iCloud web portal and download them from any computer you like. The new iCloud integration also allows for seeing all your documents in each supported app, when first opened:

iWork or Trojan

Ninja’s don’t often get trojans, but pirates of Mac software just might… According to an article on MacRumors, there is a pirated copy of iWork 09 floating around torrent-land that has a trojan in it. Apparently it creates /usr/bin/iWorkServices and then puts it in /System/Library/StartupItems. Now, in order to place the files in such a way it’s going to obviously need the user to enter a root password. But then, a regular installer would ask a user to do this too. The trojan has been named OSX.Trojan.iServices.A. Supposedly over 20,000 users have downloaded the infected files from the torrents, but at this time, I am unable to find one to try and infect myself and see what the binary itself can do. Also, if 20,000 downloads occurred it’s not clear to me yet how many of those were bots and how many were actual humans attempting to install the software. If you happen to have gotten infected, remove all instances of the iWorkServices files and reboot and you should be OK. More on the payload when I figure it out. Moral of this story: just buy iWork… Oh and please run anti-virus – it’s a good thing, even if you don’t believe in it… By the way, if anyone has a copy I’d love to do a little forensics on the package to see who made it, so send me the /Library/Receipts/iWorkServices.pkg file…

iWork/iLife Documents 2008 and Retrospect

I originally posted this at http://www.318.com/TechJournal iWork ‘08 applications (Keynote, Numbers, Pages) and iLife ‘08 components including iPhoto, iTunes, Garage Band have a slight issue with Retrospect – their data files are not considered documents using the Documents Selector. Now in the case of iPhoto, iTunes and Garage Band this is probably a good thing. However, for Keynote, Numbers and Pages it’s more than likely that if you’re using these then you will want Retrospect to back them up. So if you are using selectors and you are using the Documents selector then check out this Knowledgebase article from EMC/Dantz: http://kb.dantz.com/display/2n/articleDirect/index.asp?aid=9632&r=0.2114527