Install WordPress on a Synology

Earlier, I wrote an article on how to export data from the macOS Wiki Service. But now that you have your data in a file, where are you going to import it into. Well, you could do some kind of custom hosting service. Or if you want to run your own server, you could use a Synology. Synology makes installing WordPress a snap. To get started, first open Package Manager. From Package Manager, search for WordPress.

Click Install.

Click Yes to install the dependencies.

Enter a username and password to pass to Maria DB (root with a blank password).

Enter a username and password for the wordpress database and click Next.

Click Apply. 

Click Open under WordPress.

Select a language for WordPress to use.

Set the title of blog, provide a username and password to log in and make new articles, provide an email address, and select whether your site will be indexed by search engines and then click Install WordPress.

Click Log In. You’ll then be placed into the main WordPress screen. Bookmark this page, but you can get back any time by visiting <IPADDRESS>/wp-admin or <IPADDRESS>/wp-login where <IPADDRESS> is the address or hostname of the server.

If you’re migrating from macOS Server, you can then import your database into WordPress. To do so, log into WordPress and hover over Tools, clicking Import.

At the Import screen, select Run Importer under WordPress as the format to import from.

At the Importer screen, select the database you exported from the macOS Server wiki export article.

Click “Upload file and import”. Now that you have data in WordPress, let’s do the fun part. Hover over Appearance in the left sidebar and click on Themes. Then, find a theme that best suits your needs using the Search box!