6 Ways to Win Friends and Influence People as a New Manager

My latest piece on Inc.com was 6 Ways to Win Friends and Influence People as a New Manager
It starts a bit like:

Call it the New Sheriff in Town Syndrome.

You’re a new manager at an established company or your own startup. You think of yourself as a fixer, so you quickly set out to implement changes or new processes, often bringing in ideas from your old company.


While making improvements should be the goal of any manager, you need to be careful. It’s easy to come across as over-aggressive and disruptive, and you could end up alienating many of your colleagues.

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Let IT Make Your Business More Tech Savvy

My latest Inc.com piece is up and available at https://www.inc.com/charles-edge/5-ways-your-it-staff-can-make-your-business-more-tech-savvy.html. It starts a bit like this (or totally like this as the case may be):
Remember Nick Burns, the “company computer guy” played by Jimmy Fallon on “Saturday Night Live”? IT people have long been fixtures in the office (though hopefully seldom as grumpy as Nick). However, their jobs have been radically changed by two trends — the cloud and consumerization.
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Perfecting Your Sales Pitch

My latest Inc.com piece is up. This one focuses on perfecting your sales pitch. It starts as follows:
It’s hard to make a sale if you have a lousy sales pitch. Delivering fresh pitches that allow your product or service to stand out from the others is job number one in sales. So how do you incite interest rather than yawns? Here are six simple tips.
You can find the rest of the article here: http://www.inc.com/charles-edge/how-to-pitch-your-product-in-6-easy-steps.html.

@Inc Article on Employee Retention

I’m not sure this format is working for me, but I’m still doing my initial series of articles for Inc. The latest is tips on employee retention, available at http://www.inc.com/charles-edge/how-to-keep-your-best-employees-from-walking-out-the-door.html

Video Strategies That Won’t Bankrupt Ya’

For a simple guide to getting your message in front of customers by offering the type of content they want to consume, check out my latest article on Inc.com at http://www.inc.com/charles-edge/5-video-strategies-that-can-grow-your-business-without-spending-a-mint.html

Potential Goldmines: 5 Social Networking Sites You’ve Never Heard Of

My first piece on Inc.com is up at http://www.inc.com/charles-edge/potential-goldmines-5-social-networking-sites-youve-never-heard-of.html and deals with Social Networks that you might not consider social networks. I should probably do a follow-up on fair play on them… Either way, hope you enjoy. screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-8-22-48-am