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Amazon S3 now allows administrators to host simple web sites. Previously, you could host images, videos and other files using S3 buckets, but now you can host full sites. To do so you will need only configure a webroot and some error documents. To get started:
  1. Log into the Amazon S3 Management Console
  2. Right-click on an Amazon S3 bucket
  3. Open the Properties panel
  4. Configure your webroot
  5. Click on the Website tab
  6. Configure error documents in the Website tab
  7. Click Save
Pretty easy, right? But what if you need to configure the php.ini file or add MIME types, etc. Notice that at the start of this I said “simple.” I’m sure more features are to follow, but for now S3 is mostly appropriate for very simplistic sites.

February 19th, 2011

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Tags: , , , , , did a nice little writeup on the new Mac Mini servers and threw up some images of them in action and their general tinkeration. It was a nice read, check it out here.

November 7th, 2009

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