Apple Releases Service Migration Guide for macOS Server

Apple won’t be keeping all of the services in macOS Server after the next few months. In the meantime, we have a big old guide to read. I have some overlapping articles I’ve been working on, but I’d say we’re in a similar headspace. The Apple macOS Server Services Migration Guide is available at and covers bind, vpnd, freeradius, manual netinstall with bootp and tftp, apache, wordpress, CalendarServer, and ftp. It’s pretty technical, but nothing too crazy in there!

Overall, an easy read and I’m glad to see some content coming out to help admins!

Finishing RADIUS Kbase Article for AAPL

Troubleshooting radius is a crappy task. But crappy articles don’t help: To be more specific, the debug mode flag is -X (not sure why that was so hard). In that case it’s doing single server mode and the process cannot fork. You can also do the lowercase, -x (which is part of -X), or -xx for further granularity. In order to set the launchd item to debug mode you would therefore find the /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/org.freeradius.radiusd.plist file (only created once you’ve fired up RADIUS btw). From here, locate the array for invoking the command:
<string>/usr/sbin/radiusd</string> <string>-sf</string>
Change the -sf to either a -X or add an x or two in there as needed. I’ve also had to enable core dumps for troubleshooting RADIUS as well, which means editing the /etc/raddb/radiusd.conf file, looking for allow_core_dumps and changing it to an = yes instead of an = no. Anyway, just finishing their article for them as my own little core dump to you.