Enable SSH Access On A Synology

Synology provides SSH access, which allows you to do a number of things you can’t do with the GUI. To enable SSH, simply log in on the Synology and open Control Panel. From the Control Panel, scroll down to “Terminal & SNMP” in the sidebar and check the box for “Enable SSH service” and then click Apply.

The device will then have SSH enabled. Open Terminal on your Mac or Windows device and let’s SSH into the root account of the IP address, done as follows (where is the IP address of your Synology):

ssh root@

When prompted, enter the same admin password you normally use. You’ll then be at a command prompt in the device, which should look like this:


Now, you can cd around, use ls to view folder contents. Terminal substitutions like !$ and !! won’t work, but you can do simple tasks like restart services using the synoservice command:

/usr/syno/sbin/synoservice –restart <servicename>