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May 18th, 2016

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Hey Devops peeps! Got this, so just quoting and posting:
Just a reminder that the Early Bird rate for the MacDeployment Conference ends on Monday (May 16) at 23:59 MT. This applies both to the Conference day (June 16, CAD $75) as well as the Conference + Workshop days package (June 16 + 17, CAD $275). While the conference is meant to serve (and further build) the Mac Admins community in Alberta (Canada), it is open to all. Speakers include Tom Bridge, Luis Giraldo, Tim Sutton, and Teri Grossheim. For further information, visit
You should go.

May 16th, 2016

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MacDevOps 2016: f you’re interested in the scripting side of the Apple world and can make it from June 20th to 21st, this might just be the conference for you. At MacDevOps, you’ll see “Speakers from across North America and Europe will be presenting on a number of topics related to Mac administration and deployment.” This would be things like contributing to open source projects, packaging Django web apps to look like native Mac apps, osquery, Munki security, imagr, autopkg, ansible, git, and jenkins. Basically, automating the things: DevOps. And for Macs. Or Appley things. For now. Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 8.04.34 PM And… Lots of fun people will be there. including the convergence of friends from other industries who don’t know that each other know me (nor would they likely care – other than to trade stories about how I made them drink something-or-other), which is kinda’ cool.  Anyway, Mathieu’s awesome. You should check this out.

April 3rd, 2016

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May 21st, 2014

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As I prepare my talk for MacTech it occurs to me I should probably post something about it. MacTech Conference is a 3-day, immersive, technical conference specifically designed for Apple IT Pros, Enterprise, developers, and programmers. With presentations from some of the best and well-known experts in the community, MacTech Conference has two separate tracks: one focuses on programming / development, and the other on IT/Enterprise and consulting. Sessions will focus on both desktop and mobile, as well as OS X and iOS.  See is a media sponsor of MacTech Conference 2013, November 6-8 at the Manhattan Beach Marriott in Los Angeles. As a sponsor, we have a deal for you. Just use the special registration link:
Apple has set the course with iOS 7, Mavericks, a whole new look, new features, and more. With the new technologies come new challenges for developers and IT professionals. MacTech Conference is the first major event after Apple ships both its new operating systems in the Fall. If you are a developer or IT professional, be a part of this event.
See the list of speakers at  Or check out the sessions at  Need more reasons for why you should attend? Check out the “Why Attend?” page at or the previous event tweets at
You won’t just be in sessions hearing about great technologies and products. MacTech Conference has a packed evening schedule designed not only to be fun, but also to give you the opportunities to get to know your fellow attendees. And, in 2013, the Conference is a half day longer for the main schedule plus there’s newly added new pre-conference activities.
New to 2013 is the addition of SIX optional, certifications and pre-conference workshops — half-day for a study group and Apple Certification Exams in the morning (additional charge), half-day Microsoft Office for Mac Accreditation (afternoon, no additional charge), and four full-day Pre-Conference Workshops (additional charge). The Office accreditation is limited in size, but MacTech confirms your spot at registration time. The exams must be reserved well in advance. And, the workshops are small group, interactive and hands-on. Student to teacher ratios are approximately 25:1 or better.  See
The Pre-Conference day is November 5th, 2013.  The Conference is November 6-8, 2013.  Many guests are planning on coming early for the weekend, or even staying the weekend after. MacTech has even brought together some awesome hotel rates so anyone interested can do so inexpensively and conveniently.

October 17th, 2013

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