Open Directory Requires 2 CPUs

I was recently experimenting with Parallels to run some Lion Server VMs and I must have wasted a couple of hours trying to get Lion Server up and running as a Profile Manager host in a VM. Then I had the good sense to complain to Arek Dreyer, who I’m guessing had complained to Andrina Kelly who had, well, answered the riddle. Apparently you need to enable a second core in order to promote to an Open Directory Master in Parallels. To enable said second CPU, open Parallels, go to the configure screen for the VM and then make sure CPUs is set to some number higher than 1. Who knew, right?

Xsan Monitor Widget Released (kinda')

I am releasing the Xsan Monitor that I’ve mentioned as alpha code.  There are still some updates I may do but for now I’m putting it out there for those who feel this is the kind of thing they can take use of.  Basically, it’s a Dashboard Widget that can run on an Xsan client or metadata controller.  When running it will display the CPU and RAM statistics of the Xsan processes.  If it’s the kind of thing you could use then please feel free to give it a test drive and let me know what you think at or   Xsan Monitor is available on the Apps page of