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Penn State MacAdmins Back for 2013

Last year, I had a great time at the Penn State MacAdmins conference. There were tons of smart people to mingle with and everyone had plenty to discuss when it came to managing the Mac. There were a lot of people from education but also plenty from companies. The talks were well run and the conference location, the Penn Stater, was awesome. I love how it’s like a big winding maze.

Having gone to school in a town like State College (Athens, GA), I’ve always had a warm spot for cute college towns. And State College is clearly a special place. I’d recommend a trip there to anyone that loves places like Ann Arbor, Norman, Stillwater, Opelika, Corvallis, Blacksburg, Madison, Manhattan (Kansas), Ithaca, Iowa City, Ames, Morgantown, Lafayette (Indiana), Lawrence, Champaign, Logan, College Station and of course, Oxford Mississippi (Ole Miss is a truly special place).

So you’re lucky then, ’cause the Penn State MacAdmins Conference is back for 2013, being held in beautiful State College, PA at Penn State University. The Conference is May 22nd through 24th with a new introductory Boot Camp being held the day before (May 21st) to prep admins for the rest of the conference. And May is one of the best times to visit a place like this. Spring is in the air, kids are getting ready to graduate, the flowers are in bloom and of course, there’s no more snow to be shoveled. A month later and the school would practically be shut down, the town a ghost town.

But in late May, college towns are electric. So don’t just stay at the Penn Stater the whole time, go explore downtown and that Nittany Lion thing – and the spot where Joe Pa’s statue used to be. Take a carriage ride, swing by the Governor’s Pub, have some red meat at Otto’s and of course, perform the underclassmen ritual of throwing up on College Ave! And yes, there’s a College Ave, as there should be. Anyway, the social element of a conference like this is great. Meet those people you tell to RTFM on the ‘ole Enterprise List, the people whose feeds you read and the people whose feeds you deleted  ’cause they talk about college football too much…

The Call for Proposals is now open, so to submit a talk, use http://macadmins.psu.edu/conference/submit-proposals.

This year, there will also be sponsors. To sponsor, see http://macadmins.psu.edu/conference/sponsorships.

Or to attend, see http://macadmins.psu.edu/conference/registration.

To sign up for the conference newsletter, see http://psu.us4.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=acd8b6acc541596a7bdf8e517&id=d37a7e26fd.

And for an example of what you are in store for:

PS – There are 12 teams in the Big 10. While at State College, make sure to remind everyone wearing blue of this fact.

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MacTech Conference in LA Coming Up Soon

As many will know, I’m taking a break from speaking at conferences for awhile. But before I made that decision, I’d already planned to do a talk on Regression Testing for MacTech, in beautiful Los Angeles. If you haven’t signed up for the conference yet, it’s bound to be excellent, as all of the MacTech events have been. In fact, for more on MacTech from MacTech:

MacTech Conference for Apple Developers and IT Pros, October 17-19, 2012 in Los Angeles, has announced its post-event sessions and activities.  The event: a three-day, information-packed event that will have sessions and activities throughout the day and evening. This immersive conference is hotel-based, giving attendees the opportunity to not only learn from the best, but also to meet new people and spend time with their peers as well. Information about the conference is at http://www.mactech.com/conference .

In addition to two and half days of world-class sessions for IT Pros, and developers in the Apple community, MacTech Conference has added three options for attendees to take advantage of post-event on Friday afternoon:

• Code 42 Special Presentation: Protecting Enterprise Information in a Mobile World.
• Cryptic Apps Special Presentation: Using Hopper Dedicated Disassembler for Mac and iOS.
• Apple Certifications Exams proctored by v.2.

In a special two-hour event, Code 42 Software (a Platinum sponsor for MacTech Conference 2012) will discuss the challenges of protecting Enterprise information. Everyone recognizes the advantages gained by technological mobility in the Enterprise: increased efficiency, increased effectiveness and reduced time required to accomplish tasks. But at what cost if critical business information isn’t adequately protected and secured?  Join Andrew Renz–Senior Enterprise Engineer for Code 42 Software/CrashPlan PROe–as he outlines how companies can reap the benefits of a mobile workforce while confidently securing Enterprise information. Renz will share wisdom gained from his experience selecting and/or deploying Enterprise backup solutions for Apple, Oracle, Expedia and Intuit. He’ll also explain how to effectively employ the new capabilities available in version 3 of PROe.  RSVP required.  http://www.mactech.com/conference/code42

In an additional post-event session, Cryptic Apps software will be making a special two hour presentation about Hopper Dedicated Disassembler. Join Vincent Bénony (aka bSr43), developer of Hopper Disassembler  as he discusses the premise, and how to use, Hopper Dedicated Disassembler for both Mac, and with the new iOS support.  He’ll not only outline what you can use Hopper for, but also explore some of Hopper’s advanced features. You’ll have the chance to learn, ask questions, and meet the developer of this incredibly useful developer tool for Mac and iOS.  RSVP required.  http://www.mactech.com/conference/hopper

Finally, attendees will have the opportunity to update their Apple Certifications. Apple Certification Exams will also be available after the close of the conference on Friday, October 19th.  All current Apple exams will be available, and lunch is included.  Additional fee required.  Immediately following the conference our local testing partner, v.2 Consulting, Inc., will offer a moderated study hour and exam session on-site. Testing will conclude by 5pm.  RSVP required. http://www.mactech.com/conference/certification

“The conference is amazing in and of itself, but these three special opportunities give people that much more reason to be a part of this great community event,” said Neil Ticktin, Editor-in-Chief/Publisher, MacTech Magazine.  “We’re fortunate to have Code42 and Cryptic Apps give us these extended insights into their worlds with the people that make it happen.  And, for those that have not yet updated their Apple Certifications, v.2 has enabled us to offer a convenient way to do so.”

MacTech Conference is a multi-track event with a focus on both programming/development, as well as IT/Enterprise. Sessions will focus on both desktop and mobile with appropriate levels of attention paid to the Mac and iOS. Check out the speaker and topic list (http://www.mactech.com/conference/sessions) for specific sessions and speaker list.

The event will be held Wednesday through Friday October 17-19. The conference kicks off at 10am on Wednesday and is packed with sessions using MacTech’s well-established running order format. The evenings are filled with special activities and events designed specifically to have fun and give attendees an opportunity to form bonds with their peers and meet new people.

MacTech Conference is priced economically at $999 (pre-registration pricing) including all meals, a schedule packed full of sessions, exclusive entertainment, and more. Registration is far ahead of last year. Pre-registration ends on September 30th, and attendees can still save $300 off the on-site registration price. Register at http://www.mactech.com/conference/register

“These new sessions are in addition to our already world-class speaker line up: amazing people that will present and be in attendance at MacTech Conference 2012. See all the announced sessions at http://www.mactech.com/conference/sessions ,” said Ed Marczak, Sessions Chair and Executive Editor, MacTech Magazine.

Educational discounts are available. See http://www.mactech.com/conference/student for more information.

MacTech’s hotel guest room block has already out-paced last year and sold out once, but more rooms have just been added.  Available on a first-come, first-served basis, MacTech Conference attendees get a special rate of just $184 per night, which includes Internet access. The Sheraton is a quality venue with rooms that typically run $279.00 or more per night.

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MacTech Conference Sessions Posted

Not sure if I mentioned awhile back that I’ll be doing a talk at MacTech Conference in Los Angeles. This session is on Regression Testing. The official description is:

We have images, packages, scripts, file drops, managed preferences, profiles and countless other means to create change on client systems. This means a practically infinite number of combinations of change on client systems. In order to qualify whether an “image”, which is in reality a combination of all of these things, passes our test of whether or not we can roll it out to users, we must first test it. Otherwise, we end up flooding our help desk, touching systems by hand, working late hours to get things fixed or the dreaded full on reimaging! Measure twice, cut once.

But measuring every combination can be daunting manually. In this session, we will look at leveraging scripts, graphical automations and 3rd party tools to verify that our images mass the muster. We’ll start with how to get started and the easy scripting that can be done and then quickly jump into both open source and automated 3rd party tools that can be leveraged to quickly and reliably give you the insight into whether your imaging framework is doing exactly what it is that you want it to be doing!

There are a lot of really good speakers at the conference. There are also a lot of really good engineers. Some are even both, although I tend to be neither. As I’m not doing a lot of public speaking any more, this will be one of the last 3 talks that I have booked. I’ll also be doing MacTech Minneapolis and MacSysAdmin out in Gothenburg, Sweden and then likely taking a break from doing any more talks for awhile.


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krypted.com is a sponsor of MacTech Conference 2011!

As a krypted.com reader, we’ve arranged for you to get a special discount … on us … for this year’s event.  Just a couple of weeks away, MacTech Conference 2011 is November 2-4 at the Sheraton Universal in Los Angeles.  This is an amazing event that is very well regarded in our industry not just for the content, but also for the opportunities to meet and interact with others.

The hotel block is almost full, and there’s a limited number of discounts that we have available, so you need to act quickly to get the $799 deal (Save $500 off the onsite registration price).
Simply use this link to register:
Want to know more about the event?  Here’s some additional details and links to event web site.
MacTech Conference Highlights

World-Class Speakers with world-class content: Literally and figuratively.  As an international event, we have over 40 speakers from half a dozen countries — the true leaders in the industry — with content specifically designed for IT Pros, Enterprise, and developers.  See for yourself all the speakers and sessions descriptions at http://www.mactech.com/conference/sessions
Built to interact.  From beginning to end, MacTech Conference is built to help you network with peers, and meet new contacts.  The atmosphere MacTech builds around breaks, meals, and evening activities (which include a tour of Hollywood’s most famous backlot on the iconic tram and conference party) is designed to make it easy for you to network.

Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud.  As the first major industry event after all these have actually shipped, MacTech Conference is a great opportunity for you to find how others are dealing with deployment, migration and support of these new technologies.

Start Off Right.  Industry legend Guy Kawasaki will kick off the event with the keynote speech at MacTech Conference 2011.  Guy Kawasaki is the author of the New York Times bestseller Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions, and the former chief evangelist of Apple.  See http://www.mactech.com/conference/keynote

Designed for Attendees.  Attendees of the 2010 event loved it.  Their highest compliment when surveyed is that 100% would recommend the conference … that’s right, 100%!  What are MacTech Conference 2011 registered attendees saying? See for yourself at http://www.mactech.com/conference/activities

Packed Schedule. Morning ’til Night.  MacTech is known for packing in value. As an immersive conference, we’ll have you busy from morning until night. On the first evening of the event, the iconic Universal Studios Tram will pick up conference attendees at the hotel to begin this private adventure.  We’ll go behind-the-scenes on the legendary Studio Tour to explore Hollywood’s most famous backlot in the world’s largest working movie studio. Then, Paul Cuoco, Universal’s Technical Manager responsible for show theatrical systems and media integration will be on hand to talk to attendees about some of the behind the scenes technology that creates the magic.  And, on the second evening, we’ll take a walk from the hotel down Universal’s CityWalk to Jillian’s. At Jillian’s, we’ll enjoy all that Jillian’s has to offer (bowling, Guitar Hero room, arcade, billiards and more).  See http://www.mactech.com/conference/activities
Hand-picked Sponsors.  MacTech Conference invites the sponsors that we believe our attendees are interested in seeing.  These are people not only with solutions that you can use, but that give you ways to do more or increase revenue.  Often, you get the opportunity to talk to the core personnel from these organizations and get real answers, and give real feedback.
MacTech Select Awards.  As a developer, it’s hard to get recognition for products.  At MacTech Conference, attendees can submit their products for a vote by Conference attendees for their favorite technologies.  See http://www.mactech.com/conference/awards
Special Presentation by Code 42. Right after the conference ends on Friday, Code 42 will be making a special presentation.  In this special two-hour event, Code 42 Software and IT thought leaders from two of the world’s leading technology companies will discuss the challenges of protecting data in an ever more mobile and platform diverse world. (We can’t publicize the names of the companies, but trust us, you know them.)  As an added bonus, Code 42’s CEO, Matthew Dornquast will be presenting an advance look at the upcoming major upgrade to their flagship product, CrashPlan PROe.  And, as if that wasn’t enough, there will be free lunch, and every attendee will get a free five-seat license to CrashPlan PROe. See http://www.mactech.com/conference/code42
Get Apple Certified.  The new Lion exams are out, and after the event ends, you have the opportunity to update your Apple Certifications.  You can take any Apple Certification Exam that is currently available at the time of testing (2 hour exams only).  See http://www.mactech.com/conference/certification

All Meals Included.  Space is Limited.  MacTech Conference is priced economically including food, a MacTech Magazine subscription, a schedule packed full of sessions, exclusive entertainment, and more.  And, the hotel block is nearly sold out, so you need to act fast.
Why Should You Attend?
Simply put:

      The Content. 
      The People. 
      The Experience.

MacTech Conference
November 2-4, 2011
Sheraton Universal – Los Angeles
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MacTech Conference 2011 Advanced Registration Closing Soon

Looks like MacTech Advanced Registration is about to close:

Now is the time to register for MacTech Conference, save with advanced registration andjust pay $899. Advance Registration ends October 14th. Register here.

Our large initial hotel room block has already sold out for all nights.  We’ve managed to add some more rooms but only a handful of those remain for the main nights. More…

Hope to see you there!


MacTech Boot Camp: LA and Chicago

MacTech Boot Camp is getting great reviews (90% of attendees recommend it). After selling out in a number of other cities, MacTech Boot Camps are coming to Los Angeles (July 27th at the LAX Sheraton Gateway) and Chicago (August 31st at the downtown Hotel Allegro). The Los Angeles event includes Ben Levy, Phil Goodman, Ric Wilson, Sean Colins, Chris Keller, Jonathan Goldhill, Scott Immerman, Sean Costello, Steve Favarger, Allen Hancock, and Peter Linde (there are some super great guys and some really good, experienced speakers in that bunch). While the early bird pricing for the LAX event has ended, you can use the following link to save $200: http://www.mactech.com/bootcamp/special-reg_Krypted

Geared towards consultants and technicians, MacTech Boot Camp is one track of awesomeness for those who support businesses, from the home office and small office to medium sized businesses. The content is great, as is the networking with other consultants. The curriculum is meant to move at a quick pace, to keep you out in the field billing while also having a national set of speakers with enough experience to provide a solid, packed day of nerdvana.

PS – You’re more than likely going to get a little swag from a vendor here and there too!

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MacTech Bootcamps Coming To A City Near You!

I’ve been watching the MacTech Conference and then Boot Camps for some time. After hearing of the resounding success of the Conference last summer I was then stoked to hear that the January Boot Camp went extremely well. A MacTech Boot Camp is a regional, single-track seminar designed specifically for consultants and techs. MacTech Conference is a multi-day conference for IT professionals with a focus on enterprise and development whereas the Boot Camps are for consultants and techs focused on home users and small to medium sized businesses. Both are going really well.

Krypted.com is now a media sponsor of MacTech Boot Camps! This means I get discounts to offer my readers! There is a Dallas Boot Camp coming up on April 27th and a Boston Boot Camp on May 18th. You can get a discount ($200 off) by signing up at http://www.mactech.com/bootcamp/special-reg_krypted. There is also one is Los Angeles on July 27th and one in Chicago on August 31st to round out the summer. You can get early bird pricing and a discount for those ($200 off) at http://www.mactech.com/bootcamp/special-reg_krypted.

There’s a lot of information covered in the Boot Camps, with each city hosting about 9 sessions of 45 minutes each. For a list of topics, see http://www.mactech.com/bootcamp/topics. The 2011 curriculum includes:

  • Building Your Brand: Marketing and Business Concerns
  • An Experts Guide to Working with Clients
  • Best practices: Hardware, Software and Network Deployment
  • Troubleshooting Hardware, Software and Network Problems
  • Integrating Mobility into Small Business
  • Windows Concerns in a Mac Office
  • Scripting, Storage and Protecting Oneself: Backing up, Archiving and Restoring Data
  • How to Make Remote Consulting Work for You
  • You Can’t Know Everything: Getting the Support You Need

Certification testing is also available the day before the Boot Camps start through third party testing centers. This lets you get a lot of education out of the way at once (and at a discount) so you can focus on other stuff for the rest of the summer! For more on certification options: http://www.mactech.com/bootcamp/certification.

And let’s not forget that the second MacTech conference is going back to the Los Angeles area, from November 2nd through 4th at the Universal Sheraton! 3 days, meals included lots of very technical, enterprise oriented fun will be had by all!

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MacSysAdmin will again be held in Gothenburg, Sweden. The dates for MacSysAdmin (and most of the speakers) have been announced. The conference will be held from September 29th through October 1st at the Folkets Hus.

I am honored to again be a speaker and will be there throughout the conference, which includes sessions from a number of Mac gurus, including Arek Dreyer, Andrina Kelly, Alan Gordon, Karl Kuehn and Duncan McCracken.

Click here to sign up and hope to see you there!

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Kevin Smith at MacWorld?

Great. Now Kevin Smith is going to be speaking at MacWorld! Really?!?! How do you think my Collaboration Services session is gonna’ stack up to that? I guess it’s cool enough to make the email blast about Kevin Smith (very bottom, very small print, but heck it’s there – or wait, is that actually one of Arek’s – DAMN – oh, mine is right below Arek’s in even smaller print!!!), but am I now going to be this huge letdown, after him. I mean, I’ve never made a film for Prince! I’ve never directed a movie, much less one as great a cinematic treat as Mallrats! I never wrote something like Zack and Miri Make a Porno! I was never on Degrassi. Heck, I don’t even have an IMDB page. Buuuut, you know what? I can configure Mac OS X Server to be a wiki, calendar server, address book and even get it to make me coffee (gotta’ love Z-Wave)! So there, Kevin frickin’ Smith – BRING IT ON!

But don’t bring Mewes if you do. Between the two of you I think you’re probably gonna’ figure out how to do all that stuff and take over my session too… Or better yet, maybe you’re going on at the same time as me, in which case I’m sure mine will be PACKED! ;)

But seriously ya’ll. Congrats to the whole MacWorld staff. I personally think that Kevin Smith is a huge bonus add to what already looks like a great MacWorld 2010! And ta’boot (come on, you know you got the Degrassi crack!), there’s a 15% off deal going on right now! If you’re gonna’ make it, I can’t wait to see you there!

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MacSysAdmin Videos

The videos for the MacSysAdmin conference are now up, along with sweet pictures of all the speakers wearing foam Snow Leopard hats: