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Chapter 4 of Take Control of OS X Server Now Available

The chapters from my upcoming Take Control book keep rolling into the TidBits website. The next installment is Chapter 4: Directory Services, which can accessed at http://tidbits.com/article/14821.

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Hope you enjoy!

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Facebook Pages

Better late than never. Facebook pages for some of my books:

Will post a few more things soon. Thanks!

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Amazon Now Has Book Trade Ins

When I was in college, at the end of each semester we’d go to the book store (you know, that place that fleeced us with $100 used books) and we’d sell back those books for about one tenth to one quarter what we bought them from. We’d then use that money to help fund one of our books for the next semester (or beer). Well, Amazon is doing something similar now. Although it has to do more with when new editions of the book are released. Each edition of a book allows you to trade the book in for new editions.

Take Practical C++ Programming, from O’Reilly. Apparently I bought the chipmunk book at some point. In fact, considering the fact I can see it on my shelf from where I’m sitting I am certain of it (unless I am hallucinatin’ again – in which case I would really hope for something better than a freakin’ tech book). When I go to the page for that book on Amazon, they know I bought it (they sold it to me after all) and they’re kind enough to offer to buy it off me for about a buck and a half (about 1 / 20th what I bought it for) and sell me the new edition for about $25.30 (or $6.53 used).

I know I’m poking at this just a little bit, but that’s just because it makes me think of college. I honestly think it’s a really great feature. There are so many options for things like books and this is just another that will keep me going back to Amazon!

Network Infrastructure

A Little Light Reading

The last book (far right, Enterprise Mac Managed Preferences) is fresh, exciting (to me at least) and unique in that it is the most comprehensive information regarding managed preferences you can find. Management en masse of Mac OS X is very lucky to have this compendium. If the chapter in our Enterprise Integration book left you wanting more information about managed preferences then this book is for you!

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Books Redux

The books page had been pulled down for a little while due to some issues I was having embedding images. So I went back to the drawing board and found a way to get a carousel of images. So the page with the books I’ve done is back up and online. Hope you like (and yes, I know they spin too fast, it’s still a little bit of a work in progress).
My Books

Articles and Books Mac OS X Mac OS X Server Mac Security Mass Deployment

All 3 Snow Leopard Titles Now on Amazon

All 3 of the Snow Leopard titles I’m working on, editing or in one case done with for Apress are now posted to Amazon and can be purchased.

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iTunes App Store: Books

According to a recent O’Reilly Radar report, the fastest growing category on the iTunes App store is books. Some of these are full blown books at full cost. Others are $.99 or even free. This is an interesting potential source of being able to self-publish quickly on micro-topics. For example, a miniature 20 page book on how to do something very specific, sold on the App store for $.99 might be worth the cost to certain people. Like any other app, it might even take off and be uber-popular. On the same token, as an advertising ploy a free book might take off and garner a lot of attention.

No matter how you look at it, the book market is changing, especially with regards to computer books. People don’t buy as many printed books as they used to. And to some degree why would they when there are plenty of web sites that can team them what they want to know. However, as I can tell you from running this site and having written some books, it’s not as simple as all that. When I sit down to write a book I try to organize everything in a manner that will teach a reader a subject. Which is completely different than blogging on 99% of the sites out there, where you might cover installation of Xsan a month after you covered how to change the name of a volume. The problem with trying to learn a subject start-to-finish that way is that you pick up bits and pieces here and there rather than being taught the subject.

Anyway, just food for thought: If you’re interested in writing and don’t know how to break into the market, looking towards the new media outlets such as selling books on iTunes isn’t a terrible way to get started.

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Neal Stephenson's Anathem

If you’re a geek, especially one interested in what I’ve started to call scientific fiction, then this is for you.  Neal Stephenson’s last work, a trilogy about slavery and the effect of the scientific community on it during the Age of Reason was astounding.  In the Cryptonomicon he really managed to bring about the concepts of cryptography from the point of view of someone surviving World War II.  In the U, he drilled down on the whole idea of a massive University and how ludicrous they had become (reminding me of my dorms at UGA along the way).  But in this title he goes back even further and looks more at the underlying source of math and gives it a great fictional twist.  Definitely worth checking out.  And if you’re in airplane’s a lot then worth checking out in audio…


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Mac OS X for Unix Geeks

Today I received a copy of Mac OS X for Unix Geeks from O’Reilly, for which I was the technical editor on.  Great read, especially for the *nix to Mac switcher.  Check it out here:


Big pat on the back to Brian Jepson, Ernest Rothman and Rich Rosen for releasing a great new version of their book!