Dates Now Available For ACES Conference 2018

ACES Conference will be held May 9th to 10th of 2018, just as the ground is fully thawing out in the home of the Wire, Baltimore, Maryland. It’ll be real. It’ll be fun. It’ll be real fun. And after taking the 2017 conference off, I’ll be back there in 2018 to join in the fun. Now I just need to finish my book on consulting before then (I’m like half way there, and winters in Minnesota give a lot of writing opportunities)…

Come One, Come All: Speaking at ACES Conference 2016 in Austin

The planning for ACES Conference 2016 seems to be in full gear. I’ve been slated to speak not on JAMF or Bushel stuff, but on my time in the Apple Consultants Network (ACN) community. One of the biggest challenges we had as we grew, was to responsibly pick vendors that matched with our customer requirements while also allowing us to scale efficiently. If you’re an ACN, this is a great conference for you. Check it out at! Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.10.36 PM