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In case you haven’t heard, there’s a cool new Apple conference for Mac Admins and Developers. It’s in London, and put on by the excellent people at Amsys. The site for the conference, being held in February, is at Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.41.02 PM And if you go, I’ll see ya’ there, when I do a talk on Mobile Device Management. Hope to see you there!

August 5th, 2015

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The good folks at Amsys have built a nice little app called Services Test for verifying outbound connectivity to critical services to make iOS devices work.  If you are having problems connecting to these services or activating devices, simply open the App and tap on the play button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. photo 1 Click on the Info button to see what each of these servers do during the activation and management process. photo 3 The app can also test a few common server services, including connecting to an OS X Server, Casper and AirWatch. These are typical services used in an iOS and Mac environment. photo 2 Overall, this is a really nice little app for testing connectivity to typical iOS services and a very nice tool Amsys is providing to the community!  

January 17th, 2014

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Awhile back I did an interview with Amsys for their blog. If you’d like to see Part two of that interview (which outlines what weed does to computers amongst other things), check it out at

April 6th, 2013

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