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The Apple Watch will display notifications for any app that can push notifications to the watch. You can configure which can, by opening the Apple Watch app on your phone and tapping on the Notifications section. From here, you’ll be able to disable Notifications on the watch and control each app. IMG_3773 The app with the most options is Activity. This is where you can disable stand reminders, progress updates, indications that the goals are complete, summaries and of course achievement notifications. IMG_3774 Most of the other built-in apps can mirror an iPhone or be disabled. You can also manually control the built-in apps, which by default mirror alerts from your iPhone. IMG_3775 The Notifications Indicator option in that Apple Watch app will disable the whole red dot at the top of the screen thingy. I don’t recommend that. If you get a lot of notifications, the better thing to know is how to disable all the notifications at once. To do so, Force Touch to invoke the Clear All screen. Tap it and all those notifications get cleared at once. Now, hopefully you can find all the things you didn’t see.

May 23rd, 2015

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I’ve started a list of Nike+ Badges and how to earn them using the web sites, apps and Nike personal trackers (Nike+, Nike FuelBand). Nike+ and Nike FuelBand NikeFuel is a gamification unit that composites steps and other activities to establish a point system by which you can track your fitness endeavors against those of your friends. Based on these points, you earn badges, displayed on the Nike+ website and within various Nike apps. Badges based on points include the following:
  • 5K: Earn 5,000 NikeFuel
  • 10K: Earn 10,000 NikeFuel
  • 25K: Earn 25,000 NikeFuel
  • 50K: Earn 50,000 NikeFuelnike-fuelband
  • 75K: Earn 75,000 NikeFuel
  • 100K: Earn 100,000 NikeFuel
  • 150K: Earn 150,000 NikeFuel
  • 200K: Earn 200,000 NikeFuel
  • 300K: Earn 300,000 NikeFuel
  • 500K: Earn 500,000 NikeFuel
  • 600K: Earn 600,000 NikeFuel
  • 700K: Earn 700,000 NikeFuel
  • 800K: Earn 800,000 NikeFuel
  • 900K: Earn 900,000 NikeFuel
  • 1M: Earn 1,000,000 NikeFuel
  • 1.5M: Earn 1,500,000 NikeFuel
  • 2M: Earn 2,000,000 NikeFuel
  • 8K Day: Earn 8,000 NikeFuel in one day
  • 10K Day: Earn 10,000 NikeFuel in one day
  • 15K Day: Earn 15,000 NikeFuel in one day
  • 20K Day: Earn 20,000 NikeFuel in one day
Nike+ The Nike+ app on iPod requires an app; however, the Nike+ Running app in iOS no longer requires the adapter in the shoe to function. Feel free to wear your New Balance, Adidas, Sketchers, flip flops or go barefoot. Just make sure to have the app running so it tracks things. The Trainer app does require the correct shoes in order to function properly. Download the app here.
  • 3 Times A Week: Run 3 times in one weekNike+
  • 5 Times A Week: Run 5 times in one week
  • 7 Times A Week: Run 7 times in one week
  • 3 Weeks: Run at least one time 3 concurrent weeks
  • 4 Weeks: Run at least one time 4 concurrent weeks
  • 5 Weeks: Run at least one time 5 concurrent weeks
  • 6 Weeks: Run at least one time 6 concurrent weeks
  • 3 Months: Run at least once for 3 months
  • 6 Months: Run at least once for 6 concurrent months
  • 9 Months: Run at least once for 9 concurrent months
  • 12 Months: Run at least once a month for a year
  • Bronze High Mile Trophy: Run 15 miles in a month
  • Silver High Mile Trophy: Run 25 miles in a month
  • Gold High Mile Trophy: Run 50 miles in a month
  • Platinum High Mile Trophy: Run 100 miles in a month
  • Celebrity: Share runs on Twitter, Path or Facebook 10 times
  • Double Shot: Run twice in a day
  • Sneaker Head: Run with 3 different pairs of shoes
  • Resolution: Run on New Years Day
  • Dragon: Run on Chinese New Years Day
  • Uncle Sam: Run on the 4th of July
  • Chocolate Heart: Run on Valentine’s
  • La Fiesta: Run on Cinco de Mayo
  • Jack O Lantern: Run on Halloween
  • Early Bird: Run from 3am and 6am 5 or more times
  • Extra Frosting: Run on your birthday
  • Anniversary: Use Nike+ for a year
  • Night Owl: Run from midnight to 3am 5 or more times
  • Stormproof: Run 5 times (outside) in the snow or rain
  • Off the Beaten Path: Run 5 times on a trail
  • Beach Bum: Run 5 times on the beach
  • Intercontinental: Run on two different continents/countries
  • Comfort Zone: Run a route 10 times
  • Local Legend: Most runs on a route
  • Speed Demon: Fastest run on a route
  • Nike+ Challenge Race Winner: Win a Challenge Using Nike+
  • Nike+ Challenge Race Finisher: Finish a Challenge Using Nike+
Web Interface Badges Goals are set in the Nike+ web client and while they aggregate data from the FuelBand and Nike+ apps, they are typically viewed within the web interface and can currently only be earned by establishing goals within that interface. To log into the Nike+ web interface, visit<yourusername>. These goal badges include the following:
  • Run More Often: Set a goal of a number of runs and then complete the goal
  • Run More Miles: Set a goal of a number of miles and then complete the goal
  • Earn NikeFuel: Set a goal of how much NikeFuel you’d like to earn in a period of time
  • Burn Calories: Set a goal of how many calories you want to burn in a number of weeks
FuelBand The Nike+ FuelBand is a device worn around the wrist (or shoe in cases where you’re trying to track biking data). The FuelBand has an LED that shows steps, calories, NikeFuel and other information. The FuelBand is one of the early wrist-worn fitness trackers, introduced in 2011. Nike provides a number of badges based specifically on the use of the FuelBand, including the following:
  • 30 Days: Use the FuelBand for 30 days
  • 50 Days: Use the FuelBand for 50 days
  • 100 Days: Use the FuelBand for 100 days
  • 200 Days: Use the FuelBand for 200 days
  • 500 Days: Use the FuelBand for 500 days
  • Water: Exceed a FuelBand goal by 50%
  • Ice: Exceed a FuelBand goal by 100%
  • Fire: Exceed a FuelBand goal by 150%
  • Rainbow: Exceed a FuelBand goal by 200%
  • Supernova: Exceed a FuelBand goal by 300%
Nike Training Club The Nike Training Club is an app that provides videos and walkthroughs of various workouts. You are timed while you perform these workouts. As you complete each, you are awarded. The duration of time worked out and complexity increases, with the following awards based on the total number of minutes of the workouts:
  • Contender: 30 Minutes
  • Drill Seeker: 60 Minutes
  • Destroyer: 120 MinutesIMG_1513-200x300
  • Rebel: 180 Minutes
  • Bar Raiser: 240 Minutes
  • Cyclone: 300 Minutes
  • Bench Marker:360 Minutes
  • Warrior: 420 Minutes
  • Power Player: 420 Minutes
  • Champion: 660 Minutes
  • Icon: 780 Minutes
  • Believer: 1000 Minutes
  • Easy Rider: 1125 Minutes
  • Spitfire: 1250 Minutes
  • TNT: 1375 Minutes
  • All-Star: 1550 Minutes
  • Trail blazer: 1625 Minutes
  • Renegade: 1750 Minutes
  • Reformer: 1875 Minutes
  • Guru: 2000 Minutes
  • Rep Star: 2125 Minutes
  • Gazelle: 2250 Minutes
  • Rule Breaker: 2375 Minutes
  • Ace: 2500 Minutes
  • Prize Fighter: 2625 Minutes
  • Radical: 2750 Minutes
  • Showstopper: 2875 Minutes
  • Black Belt: 3000 Minutes
  • Maverick: 3125 Minutes
  • Dynamo: 3250 Minutes
  • Cobra: 3375 Minutes
  • Hero: 3500 Minutes
  • Idol: 3650 Minutes
  • Risk Taker: 3750 Minutes
  • Smooth Operator: 3875 Minutes
  • Young Gun: 4000 Minutes
  • Titan: 4125 Minutes
  • Hot Shot: 4250 Minutes
  • Knockout: 4375 Minutes
  • Title Holder: 4500 Minutes
  • Major Player: 4625 Minutes
  • Top Dog: 4750 Minutes
  • Master: 4875 Minutes
  • Fox: 5000 Minutes
  • Chosen One: 5125 Minutes
  • Conqueror: 5250 Minutes
  • High Roller: 5375 Minutes
  • VIP: 5500 Minutes
My personal feeling about badges and awards is that they’re cute but that they’re not going to form a habit on their own. The trackers on the market should do as good a job as possible at helping you to change long-term behaviors. To me, having to manually sync a device makes it hard to base long-term judgement of the quality of your behaviors because you’re eventually going to stop using the device when you realize you forgot to sync it for a few days. The value of that long-term outlook of performance is really just a standard ROI calculation of what you’re getting out of things. For example, the impact of running an extra 10 minutes a day for a month on BMI or just what you see in the mirror. I like NikeFuel a lot because it’s a good start. And I think that Nike and the other fitness trackers (including apps that have no device attached) help me a lot. I look forward to seeing what’s next on the wearable frontier, for sure (maybe build a scale into my shoes at some point pretty pretty pretty please!).

October 10th, 2013

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