Turns 7!

Today, turns 7. 9 books and almost 2,000 posts later, I seem to have slowed down a bit if you look at the last couple of months of postings. But I’ve been busy, just trying to get a few other projects finished, so I can get back to my normal writing-too-much self. These projects I’ve been wrapping up include:
  • Writing¬†Using Mac OS X Lion Server for O’Reilly (the final artwork for this one was turned in today)
  • Converting into a publishing company and putting out Time Machine in Mac OS X Lion, which should also be on the iBookstore soon
  • Speaking at 4 or 5 conferences (MacWorld is coming up, where I’ll be doing 3 talks)
  • My day job as Director of Technology at 318 seems to take up more and more time every year as we continue to grow and do cool stuff
  • Working on the Exchange 2010 Server exam for
There’s other projects too, but this is what I’ve been working on during my days off over the holidays. Hopefully I’ll wrap all these up soon and get back to writing here. I’ve also been working on a re-design for the site and with the amount of traffic it’s getting, it seems the site needs to get moved as well. Included in this is bringing on the first paid sponsorships. I’ve got the first lined up at this point, but if you or someone you know has a product to put in front of the audience, let me know. I’m also now accepting articles, tips, tricks or whatever, from others. So feel free to submit any content you’d like to get out there!