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I have published a new book on Time Machine (Time Capsule, deployment/Managed Prefs and Time Machine Server as well). I wrote it months and months ago and it finally ended up getting posted (publishing is a weird world like that sometimes). It is available for Kindle (Amazon) for now and should be up on the iBooks store as soon as the good people from iTunes Connect get back from their holiday break. To quote the Amazon excerpt:
Time Machine is Apple’s built-in backup solution that comes bundled with Mac OS X. In this book, we will explore Time Machine, looking at how to enable Time Machine, configure what to back up and where to back up to. Much of Time Machine has to do with the network environment that a computer is in, or the ecosystem. In this book, we look at using Apple AirPort and Time Capsule in such an ecosystem. We also look at using network attached storage and other 3rd party solutions, as most environments are heterogenous. This book is written from the ground up for Lion. As such, tools like FileVault 2 are covered. We also look at getting more granularity in your backup configuration, as well as third party tools used to backup Lion computers. And of course, no book about Time Machine in Lion would be complete without taking a look at Time Machine Server, a way to centralize backups in an environment around the Time Machine solution. Finally, Time Machine is more scalable than ever in Lion; however, mass integration may require centralized management (such as Managed Preferences) or scripting automations to configure backups. In this book, we will look at typical deployment scenarios and what else needs to go into moving Time Machine from a basic backup tool to a much more comprehensive backup solution.
This is my first foray into the eBook publishing thing, so if you see anything off, that I missed, etc please let me know. The book is available here or using the link below:

December 29th, 2011

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  • for $5 I bit. if i ever catch up on my reading i’ll let you know what i think 🙂

  • Tim Chambers

    Great content = learned a lot I did not know. Quite a few formatting problems on the Kindle Fire though. Ping me if you want details. Recommend this book.

    • Thanks Tim. I’d love some screen shots or photos. This is my first journey into self-publishing and I wasn’t sure how the ePub would translate out of Pages, so thanks in advance!