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There aren’t a lot of magazines that I read. There are fewer I actually pay for. But MacTech is one of those. I know I have mentioned MacTech before, but I never actually bothered to get any deals for my readers. Well, how about a free subscription? Actually, MacTech is also running the offer on their main site, so it’s not like I’m special – but I do have my own link and it is a separate run of the same special pricing – so there! Want a free subscription to MacTech Magazine? If you aren’t yet a subscriber of MacTech Magazine, then you should take a look at the “Ultimate Black Friday” deal. Be one of the first 100 to apply using this link, and MacTech will give you a FREE subscription to MacTech Magazine. Not in the first 100? Not a problem — MacTech will get you a free copy of the magazine anyway! No strings attached. Also, it is worth noting that I have no official connections to MacTech, other than having spoken at one of their conferences. I receive absolutely no commission or payment for making such a recommendation and have, in fact, never received a check from MacTech. But since I believe in what they do and find it of quality, I relish the opportunity to pass on a little love. If you’re reading this article on your day off then you should get something for it after all! So if you’re looking for something to give yourself for the holidays, don’t stay up all night hitting Best Buy, WalMart, Kohls, Macy’s, Home Depot and the other Black Friday specials starting at midnight. Instead just get yourself a little MacTech and just know, deep down, that those 99 cent poinsettias aren’t worth staying up all night for…
Oh, MacTech has a little fine print: Limited quantity. While supplies last. US delivery address only. Not valid for current subscribers.

November 24th, 2011

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  • Mike Solin

    I wish they’d get on board with iOS 5’s Newsstand. I’ve got a stack of MacTech magazines I’ve thumbed through, but they’re never nearby when I’ve got time to read.

    Debating if I’m going to renew. It’s an excellent magazine, just don’t have time these days.

  • First, thanks Charles!


    We’d love to do an iPad version. To date, Apple’s model and the overall “business model” for online or any type of electronic publication have made it prohibitive for most smaller or targeted publications to move on over. That’s why you basically only see large publications on iPad or elsewhere.

    So, it’s not a lack of desire — it’s a true desire to do something that actually makes sense.

    Neil Ticktin
    MacTech Magazine

  • Mike Solin

    Thanks, Neil. In that case, I guess I’ll renew (the price is too good not to). Hoping I can switch my subscription to digital when the time comes.

    I really appreciate the reply, and again, thanks for such an excellent magazine!