MacSysAdmin 2013

Hooray for Sweden! I am very happy to make the trip to Gothenburg, Sweden again this year for MacSysAdmin 2013. This year, I’ll be presenting on something near and dear to my own heart: technical writing. The other presenters that I’ve seen there have all done great jobs, including Arek Dreyer, Rick Wylie, Alan Gordon, Andrina Kelly, Greg Neagle, Gary Larizza, Ed Marczak, Duncan McCracken and Zack Smith. I’m also excited by the new additions: Kevin White and Rich Trouton who I’ve seen do presentations very well on multiple occasions and Daniel Svensson, Nurani Nimpuno and Jody Rodgers who I haven’t seen give presentations but am excited to see. I look forward to seeing many of the people I’ve met there in years past again and meeting some fresh new people as well. I hope to see you all there! PS – I would also like to say that the very much appeals to my own design aesthetics. Well done, especially in having Arek and I, er, I mean me, gazing longingly into one another’s eyes! Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 12.33.00 AM