MacSysAdmin 2012!

MacSysAdmin has quickly become one of my favorite conferences to attend. I love the high level of technical acumen and the chance to row a canoe from Minneapolis to Gothenburg, Sweden, which is a serious workout, let me tell you! The 2012 lineup boasts one of the politest guys I know in Arek Dreyer, my coworker Zack Smith, Andrew Renz (of Code 42/CrashPlan fame), the well dressed (and spoken) Ed Marczak, the great Greg Neagle (Munki/Repasado/awesome guy), Alan Gordon’s alter-ego Alan Gordon, the JAMFerific Andrina Kelly, the ostentatious Duncan McCracken, Rick Wylie, Gary Larizza, Luis Giraldo in all his wireless awesomeness, Sébastien Tomasi (representing the file set goodness that is FileWave) and someone I told Tycho he simply had to add to the list of speakers after last years event was over, Per Olofsson (I’m sure my recommendation had little to do with his addition as he has plenty of merit, but I’m very excited to see him do his thing anyway). Oh and least of all, I’ll be there and hopefully my demos will work this year (or more likely be pre-recorded). Many of the same speakers from last year, but all fresh content. More important than the speakers, the attendees are fun to be around and impressive (I sure wish that H1 Visas were easier to come by in the US). I can’t think of a group of people I’d rather be around! The most important aspect, the content, will be focusing on large scale Mac administration, with sprinklings of Mac servers and other oddities. A great overall look and feel to the program. Even a little iOS in there… The conference will again be held at Folkets Hus, in Göteborg, Sweden. The dictator will again be the enigmatic Tycho, who always facilitates a great event. After last year, I left there wishing I could stay for a few more weeks with that brain trust! It really is an impressive collection of people and I hope to see you there!