Turns 10 Today

Wow, seems like just yesterday I took down the old static page that was just a bunch of links I used to find stuff and went with a full-on WordPress site and published my first article. Doesn’t seem like I’ve been writing that long. But when I look at the over 2,500 posts on this site and the fact that I hit over 210,000 uniques last month, I guess it must be true. I’m so thankful that people want to read this stuff. And I’m really glad that I’ve been able to help a few people over the years. I hope the next 10 years are even better than the last 10! And thank you for coming back here and there, when you need to. athletic-events-tv-sports-fan-birthays-ecards-someecards Oh, and Happy New Year!  

5 thoughts on “ Turns 10 Today”

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  2. Happy birthday! it’s such a great place for having good stuff! Thanks a lot for all the work you do!

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