Goodbye & Thanks To MacSysAdmin

MacSysAdmin, a great conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, is now over. The conference went off without a hitch. There were many great presentations and speakers. But I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank the great people from Apoio and especially Patric and Tycho. Tycho, I hope, can now ride Sleipnir home and take his well deserved Odinsleep. Anyway, MacSysAdmin was a class act all round and something I’m proud to have been a part of for the past few years. Thanks, guys!
Adding Last Minute Tweaks To My Slide Deck – Thanks to Luis Giraldo For Posting The Picture
Now to finish up my MacTech talk!

4 thoughts on “Goodbye & Thanks To MacSysAdmin”

  1. Hi Charles,

    Thanks for great presentations!
    I dont know if you remember, but we talked at beerbash about me having trouble with long AD Login timeouts when clients are offsite due to noot exposed directory servers.

    Apparently you had a solution for my problem. Could you please contact me at my email when you have the time.

    Best regards

  2. Hi, I see that videos from MacSysAdmin are available from past years. Do you know if/when videos will be available from this year’s 2012 MacSysAdmin? Thanks!

    1. The conference organizers didn’t provide a time line but did indicate that they would be getting posted. I doubt it will take too long and I’m sure I’ll post a link once they’re online. 🙂

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