Tiny Deathstars of Foulness

Double Danger Comics is gone. Booksmart, which I thought was the best book store in town (was in Uptown) is gone. Uncle Hugo’s moved awhile back, but they just don’t seem weird enough, with over half the store dedicated to mysteries. I find the folks at Big Brain Comics too cool for my liking. My daughter and I do like going to the Source, but we’re having a hard time finding more variety (and 3 year olds need plenty of variety!)… If anyone has any techno-weird-nerdy-geekspaz stuff then throw me a link or 20. You know, something like a retail (well, Jinx from 5 years ago, notsomuch this year) or thinkgeek. Maybe where I can replace the 1st Edition Millennium Falcon (for her of course), pick up that one Havok & Wolverine Meltdown (for me of course, as Walter Simonson is a bit too much for the 3 year old) I’m still missing and pick up an Arduino Duemilanove… Tall order?

July 29th, 2011

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