OS X Server 5

  1. Install OS X Server 5
  2. Upgrade OS X
  3. Upgrade OS X Servers
  4. Create Bootable Installer
Directory Services
  1. Promote an Open Directory Master
  2. Open Directory Replica
  3. Promote An Open Directory Replica To A Master
  4. Manage Users using the Server app
  5. Manage Groups using the Server app
  6. Demote an Open Directory Server using the Server app
  7. Demote an Open Directory Server from the Command Line
  8. accountsd
Configure Server Services
  1. Caching Server
  2. File Sharing
  3. DNS
  4. DHCP
  5. Profile Manager
  6. NetInstall
  7. Contacts
  8. Calendar
  9. Messages
  10. VPN
  11. Mail
  12. FTP
  13. Web Services and Apache
  14. Wikis and WebDAV
  15. Software Update Services
  16. Time Machine
  17. Xcode Server
  18. Configure Xsan Clients
Manage Servers
  1. Disable Automatic Updates on Servers
  2. Manage the Adaptive Firewall
  3. Cascade Software Update Server
  4. Enable SSH, ARD, SNMP and Remote Server Access
  5. Enable Push Notifications
  6. Configure Alerts in the Server app
  7. FileVault and OS X Server
  1. Reset Unresponsive Server App
  2. Server Logs
  3. Server Help Screens
Command Line
  1. serverinfo
  2. dnsconfig
  3. statshares
  4. Startup Profiles
  5. nvram
  6. Manage Profiles from the command line in OS X Server
  7. Xsan Command Line Options
  8. Delete nvram data during deployments
  1. Put Your Server Into Dark Knight Mode
  2. Backing Up OS X Server
  3. Casper 9.8 Supports OS X El Capitan
  4. Add a VPP Token to Profile Manager
  5. Change path to Xcode Server logs
  6. Official Apple Documentation
  7. Capturing Smaller Screenshots

7 thoughts on “OS X Server 5”

  1. Hi,

    I’ve noticed that our profiles which contain the settings for Mail, Contacts, Calendar etc. and which are provided by the Profile Manager no longer offer the switch to activate Notes. Does anyone have the same issue and/or know how to solve this? THX

  2. Hi.
    Thank you for your detail explanation about OS X Server App.
    I have read your site for a long time from Mountain Lion version.

    I have a question about the Server App 5 in OS X El Capitan.

    After installing Server App 5 in my Mac mini and checking the Apache version OS X El Captain, I found ONE question followed.

    sudo serveradmin fullstatus web command shows Apache version is 2.2 like web:apacheversion = “2.2”.

    But httpd -v command shows Apache is 2.4.18 like Server version: Apace/2.4.18.

    I realized two Apache versions are installed but I am confused with that and the managing scope.

    1) Web site service in Server App is serviced by 2.2 Apache? Or 2.4.8 Apache?
    2) If so, can I upgrade the Server App 2.2 to 2.4.8 version? How can I do it?

    I want to hear your kind explanation about it.

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