Tiny Deathstars of Foulness

The CIRCL (Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg) has cited my Enterprise iOS book in a paper title Security of iOS Based Devices. It’s only a few pages so a pretty quick read. But what is interesting about it is that in the second edition of the book I’ve already started to replace the Applications chapter (which I wasn’t really happy with in the first place) with a chapter on securing the devices. These days, with a two year old around, I’ve been thinking about adding something on physical security, but I think that might just be superfluous (and ever changing)…  Also, in preparation for 2nd edition, I would like to add case studies. So if your organization or company is doing cool stuff with iOS based goodness (and more importantly you can get sign-off to talk about it publicly), please let me know! Oh, and for those waiting, the paper on bare metal imaging iOS is almost done. Just waiting for my new 64 port USB hub to show up so I can test flashing 64 at once! 🙂

February 15th, 2011

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  • Tony

    Can I ask what make and model of hub you are using?

  • Tony

    May I ask what 64 port USB hub you are testing? Have you had the chance to test it yet? We’re looking for good hubs for syncing a high number of iOS devices and having trouble finding any that meet the power requirements.

    • Check out the stuff from Cambrionix. Have had good luck with those.