Tiny Deathstars of Foulness

Apple Configurator 1.1 was released on Monday. Configurator is updated through the App Store. It comes with a few new features, indicated on the App Store download page. My favorite part is probably that rather than let me do stupid things (which I am apt to do) I now get a screen warning me that I’m doing something stupid if Configurator doesn’t complete a sanity check against one of the profiles: Overall, the two updates that we’ve gotten to Configurator have been minor. The features and options, which make up the strategies that you deploy Configurator with, have remained pretty much the same. I look forward to seeing continued updates.

July 3rd, 2012

Posted In: iPhone, Mass Deployment

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  • Chris Jackson

    What happened to the Apple ID sign-in in Configurator Preferences?
    After I updated to Apple Configurator 1.1, the new options appeared in Preferences, but the Sign-in was gone.
    Is there anything different with how VPP redemption codes work without the Apple ID in Configurator?

    • I still have the ID sign-in. Did it disappear for you?

  • Chris Jackson

    Yes. After the update to Apple Configurator 1.1, Sign-in is gone. I trashed prefs, reset Configurator by pulling out the ~/Library/Application Support/ support files, and re-downloaded the app from the Mac App Store. Still sign-in is gone.

  • Mary Schmitt

    I am unable to restore supervised ipads from backups that I have made in configurator 1.1.

    Anyone else?

    • Not right now, not supervised at least…