'Using Mac OS X Lion Server' Now Finished

My next book, Using Mac OS X Lion Server, from O’Reilly is all done. I accepted the final changes last week and it was sent to the printer on Wednesday. The digital copies should be shipping shortly and the print copies should be shipping in about one to two weeks.

If you haven’t yet ordered it, you can pick it up on Amazon, here, or directly from O’Reilly, here. Hope you enjoy!

Also, for those interested, we’ve already begun updating the book for all the new features in Mountain Lion Server. Now that I’m pretty in tune with publishing through O’Reilly and the various technical aspects of doing so, I would expect the next edition to ship very shortly after the arrival of the OS!

  • Tim Chambers

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this! Will there be a Kindle version FROM AMAZON?

  • Tycho Sj√∂gren

    Congratulations to yout first animal book!

  • Kostas Backas


    Looking forward to get it.