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The ics file type. Apple isn’t the only one that builds applications that use it any longer and there have been a couple of instances where users install a 3rd party app only to find that their default calendar is no longer iCal. How to fix? Not a hard one. Simply locate a .ics file (there are typically plenty of these in ~/Library/Mail Downloads) and then do a Get Info on the .ics file (Get Info = command-i while clicked on the file). Once you have the Get Info box for the file up, click on the Open With field and select iCal. Then click on Change All. That should do the trick. If anyone knows how to do this programmatically let me know. I have an Automator workflow done for it but would much rather use a script… Building such a script has proven frustrating and so in a mass deploy environment we’ve been looking at distributing an Automator workflow saved as an Application with a known location for an ics file to use for the task. However, I’m not much of a fan of using UI events in deployments…

January 29th, 2010

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  • nate

    how about using curl or wget to grab a public .ics file saved to /tmp?

    it could be as simple as uploading a blank .ics file to an internal web server somewhere.

    then work your magic with automator or whatever else.

    • That’s close to what we do. We have a 4K one in a package that uses an automator application to access it. wget requires network access, which during imaging you don’t always have until the end (ie – 802.1x environments). I’m not a fan of the whole method I guess is the big point. It is very rare that there is something so annoying to do programatically… We’ve actually been talking about trying to do it in Objective-C and using some of the Get Info dialog box’s code to pull it off… But that’s a bit of work…