Tiny Deathstars of Foulness

The past 3 days have netted between 15,000 and 20,000 unique visitors per day, with each day seeing a bit more traffic than the previous. Given that most of my readers are at work (according to the stats at least), I’m guessing that will slow down as usual come Saturday. But that’s still 2 of the 3 top days ever for, so thanks for caring and I hope you’re enjoying the articles! Bandwidth overages for are one of those things I find myself always happy to pay! 🙂

July 27th, 2012

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  • It was all from that link on… 😉

  • Charles, your site is a great resource. With the spartan documentation from Apple it is so nice to have tips and information from a seasoned pro.

    • Thanks! Workin’ away at more docs as we speak!