Enabling ARD, SSH & SNMP On Mountain Lion Server Using serveradmin

The traditional way to enable Apple Remote Desktop is using the kickstart command. But there’s a simpler way in OS X Mountain Lion Server. To do so, use the serveradmin command. To enable ARD using the serveradmin command, use the settings option, with info:enableARD to set the payload to yes: sudo serveradmin settings info:enableARD = yes Once run, open System Preferences and click on Sharing. The Remote Management box is then checked and the local administrative user has access to ARD into the host. The Server app will also have the “Enable screen sharing and remote management” option checked. There are also a few other commands that can be used to control settings. To enable SSH for administrators: sudo serveradmin settings info:enableSSH = yes To enable SNMP: sudo serveradmin settings info:enableSNMP = yes To enable the dedication of resources to Server apps (aka Server Performance Mode): sudo serveradmin settings info:enableServerPerformanceMode = yes

8 thoughts on “Enabling ARD, SSH & SNMP On Mountain Lion Server Using serveradmin”

    1. I guess a server would need all resources it can chew. No point cutting resources from a computer serving tens to hundreds of users.

  1. I’ve noticed that network OD users, even if given admin priv’s, cannot login via ssh. In the server console I see:

    sshd: in od_record_check_homedir(): failed: 7
    sshd: error: PAM: permission denied for from

  2. If I enable Remote Management on my Mountain Lion server, My network users (Open Directory, same server) cannot connect with screen sharing (after server reboot) Only local server users can connect. This worked fine in SL server.

    Is this a bug?

  3. Yes, OD / Network users can’t use Remote Management, however Screen Sharing does work. Do you have a bug I’d like to reference it.

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